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Click Here to Bookmark our Litha Live Gemstone Sale, Now on YouTube- June 15, 2024
Samhain for the Busy Witch

Samhain for the Busy Witch

Samhain occurs on October 31 – the same day as Halloween! Before we dive in, you’ve probably heard “Samhain” pronounced a ton of different ways. TV shows get it wrong more often than not. If you’re unsure how to pronounce it, tt’s pronounced sow-in, which is definitely not how it’s spelled. No shame – especially if you’re self-taught or have only read the word! I mean, at least it’s not Lughnasadh!

Samhain for the Busy Witch

Colors for Samhain

The colors for Samhain are really easy! They’re the traditional Halloween colors we’re all familiar with:

  • Black and orange
  • Deep red and black
  • Dark purple and black

Creating a Samhain Altar

Honestly, just think Halloween! Samhain’s symbols were adopted, and adapted, by people over the years for Halloween. So, gather some of these items:

  • Jack O’Lanterns – for protection
  • Spiders – for shadow work
  • Ravens – messengers of the spirit realm
  • Black flowers

Herbs, Oils, and Scents for Samhain

We’re still in pumpkin spice latte season, so continue to enjoy your favorite PSL for Samhain. Here are the other scents, herbs, and oils that are perfect for this time of year:

  • Mugwort – for divination
  • Wormwood – for spirit work. It can be slightly poisonous and can make you sneeze like crazy! So be careful!
  • Rosemary – for protection
  • Sandalwood – for protection
  • Frankincense – for protection
  • Damiana – for a magickal amplifier
  • Catnip + Mugwort + Damiana for a great herbal blend before spirit contact or divination.

Gemstones for Samhain

The gemstones for Samhain all have the same orange and black theme as the colors and decorations. Here are some gemstones to help you get started:

  • Black tourmaline – for protection
  • Onyx – for protection
  • Obsidian – also for protection or scrying
  • Carnelian – for grounding
  • Red Jasper – for grounding
  • Fire Agate – for grounding
  • Smoky quartz – for scrying or protection 

Busy Witch Samhain Practices

The energy of Samhain occurs the week before and the week after October 31, so don’t feel too much pressure to practice your rituals on the date if you’ve got other things going on in your life. Here are some magickal practices for those couple of weeks.


Pull some tarot cards, play with your pendulum, or try some scrying. If you don’t have a scrying mirror or crystal ball, you can fill a dark bowl with water and water scry!

If you decide to light a fire, sit and watch the flames – or even use a candle to practice some pyromancy. You can do the same thing with incense smoke!

Spirit Contact

Spirit contact is really easy during this time of year. Just remember that no matter how you contact the other side, protect yourself first. Protective gemstones, envisioning a golden bubble of protective light around yourself, or carrying some herbs with you will help keep you protected.

One of Morgan’s favorite protective plant allies is black pepper. Yes – the same pepper that’s probably in your pantry right now!

Work with Your Ancestors for Samhain

If you don’t have time or space to set up an ancestor altar, look through old pictures, cook your ancestors’ recipes or favorite foods, watch old home movies, or read old letters. If your ancestors are sh*t, you can tap into your regional ancestors either where you live or your ancestral heritage instead.

Celebrating the Witches’ New Year

If you’re celebrating the Witches’ New Year, which starts at Samhain, you can write down what you don’t want to carry into the new year and burn them. You can also make spiritual goals for yourself for the new year.

This might include things you want to magickally accomplish, such as taking a new witchcraft course, learning about a new divination type, or working with the moon even more.

Kitchen Witchery for Samhain

Remember, store-bought is just fine when it comes to your food and drink for sabbat celebrations. It’s your intention that matters, not necessarily the hard, handmade work. Here are some ideas:

  • Candy – It’s become a cultural representation of this time of year and Halloween. It’s also a quick solution!
  • Soul cakes/a cookie tray – These are left out during the night of Samhain for the traveling souls. They can stop, take a break and a bite, and then continue their journey.
  • Pumpkins – Pumpkin treats are perfect
  • Cinnamon – Including cinnamon rolls!
  • Apples – Apple pies, cider.

Remember, YOU are the magick. We hope you have an amazing Samhain. It’s such a special season. It’s the season of the witch, after all! 

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