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Click Here to Bookmark our Litha Live Gemstone Sale, Now on YouTube- June 15, 2024
Spirit Magick for Knowledge, Divination, & Alignment

Spirit Magick for Knowledge, Divination, & Alignment

The fifth element, aether, universal energy: whatever you call it, the element of Spirit is one of the most essential forces in the universe. “Aether” is a Greek word that means “upper air,” and Greek philosophers saw Spirit as the air that the celestial beings breathed.

Spirit Magick for Knowledge, Divination, and Alignment

Akashic Records

The Spirit element is sometimes known as Akasha. This “super” element binds the universe and all its beings together. The Akashic Records are a part of this element. The Records are essentially a library that contains collective knowledge that some can tap into with training and practice. By connecting with the Akashic Records, practitioners can understand profound, soul-level truths about themselves or others.

The Spirit element holds potential and promise – and like all the elements, it’s much bigger than we are. And like Air, it’s unseen, but you can witness its effects. When you’re in tune with Spirit or Akasha, you may feel more aligned, balanced, and fulfilled.

Spiritual Alignment

You don’t need an Akashic Records reading to tap into the Spirit element, though. One of the best ways to access this element is through meditation. Before you dismiss my recommendation, meditation doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. You don’t even have to do it every day. With practice, turning inward to listen to your body and mind will train you to do so more often throughout your day. The result? You get to enjoy more alignment between your body and mind.

If you’ve never been able to settle into a meditation, start slowly. Take just two minutes to close your eyes and drop your awareness to your heart center. Breathe deeply and ask yourself if there’s anything you need to address. Is there any part of you that would like you to know something? If not, that’s ok. But you might be surprised at what you learn about yourself and Spirit!


Another way to tap into Spirit is through divination. The Major Arcana of the Tarot is associated with this element; however, any method of divination invokes Spirit: astrology, runes, tasseography, numerology…the list goes on.

If you’re new to divination, some research into your culture’s divination methods is a great place to start. You can also ask an experienced divination witch or spiritual guide to help select a tool for divination that resonates with you. Many people prefer to start with oracle cards or a pendulum.


The most important thing to remember about working with the Spirit element is that it will feel different to everyone. As we connect with Spirit, we bring our own experiences, interpretations, and creativity to the experience. Trust yourself and your connection with the element, and you’ll be in good shape.

Common Spirit Correspondences

  • Direction: Above, Below, and Within
  • Colors: White, Orange, Violet, Black
  • Season: The entire Wheel of the Year
  • Tools: All magickal tools
  • Symbol: Pentacle
  • Number: 1
  • Gemstones: Angel Aura, Meteorite, Quartz
  • Animals: Spider, Chameleon


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