The Inked Grimoire

  • The Magick of Nature Walks

    The Magick of Nature Walks

    Walking through the woods or along a beautiful shoreline can help you develop a deeper appreciation of nature and all of its gifts. We witches are often called to align with the natural world, so it’s the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs and explore the magick around you. 
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  • Celtic Knot Magick

    Celtic Knot Magick

    Celtic knots have a natural magick. Even people who don’t consider themselves witches are drawn to their graceful, intricate designs. Celtic knots can be found in historical locations across Ireland and Scotland, and date back to 600 BCE. Today, we can use these ancient symbols to infuse our homes, altars, and spells with Old World magick. 
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  • The Celtic Tree of Life

    The Celtic Tree of Life

    Called crann bethadh by early Celts, the Tree of Life is a symbol of harmony and balance. It appears in many traditional and modern designs, from tapestries and jewelry to architecture and beyond. 
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