The Magick of Grounding & Centering

The Magick of Grounding & Centering

The world can get overwhelming sometimes. Whether it’s everyday stresses that have you on edge, or you just don’t feel right after one of your magickal rituals, grounding and centering can help you feel like yourself again. Here are some techniques for both grounding and centering that you can add to your energetic practices. 


Simple Grounding Technique

When the world seems to be going crazy, or when you’re just feeling overwhelmed by things in your life, it might be a sign that you need to ground. And if you feel jittery after a spell, you definitely need to ground. Start by sitting on the ground or the floor. Notice how your body connects, and every place it connects, with the ground below you. 

Taking a few deep breaths, imagine that there’s a cord of energy – or even roots – extending from the base of your spine and connecting with Mother Earth. Now send any pent-up energy or emotions that don’t serve you down that cord and into the Earth. It won’t hurt Mother Earth – she can take that energy and disperse it. Do this for as many cycles as you need to: a few deep breaths and then sending the energy into the ground. 


Fully Aligned Spine Grounding

For this practice, follow the same process as above, but instead of sitting on the ground, lay on it, allowing your spine to align with itself while making full contact with the ground. You can lay on the ground with your feet planted comfortably on the ground, or you can prop your knees with a pillow so as much of your spine as possible connects with the ground or floor. Follow the same steps as above for full benefits. 

You don’t have to stop what you’re doing and go into meditation or lay on the ground to ground yourself. You can ground just about any time or place. 



Earthing is the practice of directly connecting with the earth. In warmer months, kick off your shoes and walk around on the grass outside. The rubber and plastic in our shoes, as well as the floors in our homes and offices, can prevent Earth’s healing energy from reaching our bodies. Practice earthing when you feel tired and run down if possible. For an extra boost, sit in the grass and place your hands on the ground to connect with Mother Earth. 


Take a Grounding Shower

As you shower, release any negative or pent-up energy into the water that runs down your head and body. You can even add a scrubbing element to your shower, and “scrub” energy off your body with a healing sugar scrub or magickal soap. 


Tune into Your Breath

Your breath may become your favorite grounding tool once you learn how to tune into it. Draw air into your nose and follow it with your mind’s eye as it travels to your lungs, filling them with air. Then on the exhale, follow the air in the opposite direction as it leaves your nose. It might be tempting to release your breath through your mouth, but training your body to breathe in and out through the nose can help keep the breath even, settled, and grounded. 


Walking Meditation

While this sounds like a meditation, it’s really just mindful walking. As you walk a short distance – say, to your mailbox and back – notice each step of your walk. Pay attention to how each leg moves, how your hips shift with each step, and how the ground feels under your feet.


Centering vs. Grounding

While the two sound alike, centering is a bit different from grounding. The two work best when done together, though, and centering is a great practice for the beginner witch. Rather than releasing energy as you do when grounding, with centering, you want to draw it to you.


Centering Technique for Drawing Energy to You

One of my favorite centering practices involves the image of a golden vessel floating over my head. After taking a few minutes to ground yourself, turn your attention away from your energetic cord or roots – reminding yourself that it’s still there – and travel up your spine to the top of your head. There, floating above your head, imagine a beautiful, golden vessel that filters energy from the Universe so that only the good energy comes in. 

As you visualize this good energy traveling into your vessel and then down through the crown of your head and into your body, you might be able to pick out what kind of energy you want to attract. Maybe it’s courage, kindness, love, creativity, or something else. You might also feel certain sensations or vibrations in your body as you draw this positive energy inside. 

Tailor this practice to work for you. For instance, you may want to call upon a patron deity for specific energetic help. 

If it starts to feel too intense, release the image of the vessel and turn back to your grounding practice. Release the extra energy that feels like it’s too much. 

Remember, you’re in control of the entire practice, so as with any magickal technique, take things slowly and listen to your inner knowing.