Which Type of Witch Are You?

Which Type of Witch Are You?

You may already have a full understanding of what kind of witch you are, but if you don’t, we created this handy little guide to help. These categories of witches are intentionally left broad because we believe there’s no one correct way to be a witch. You might be a combination of a few of these types, or you may have received a practice from your family.

However you came to the practice, we hope that this guide helps you identify your magickal talents and preferences and maybe even inspires you to delve into a new form of magick! 

Celestial/Cosmic Witch

If you love astrology, the stars, and charting the moon cycles, there’s a bit of the celestial witch in you! Also called cosmic or star witches, celestial witches are highly aligned with the stars and zodiac. They take planetary alignments into major consideration before performing certain spells or rituals or making significant life decisions.


Green Witch

If you’re drawn to the Earth’s energy, and much of your practice revolves around nature, you might be a green witch. Green witches practice mostly plant magick, herbal magick, and tree magick. They incorporate plants and nature into their everyday lives and their spells. Sometimes, they’re called garden or forest witches and prioritize a connection with Mother Earth in all things.



Hedgewitches are herbalists, healers, and nature lovers at heart. Generally, this type of witch is of the solitary kind and follows their own path. The word “hedge” used to mean the boundary of a village and is synonymous with the boundary between the physical and spiritual realms. So, hedgewitches walk between worlds through meditation, astral travel, and divination.


Elemental Witch

Elemental witches work with – you guessed it! – the elements. They incorporate the five elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Spirit in their rituals and sacred spaces.


Kitchen Witch

Kitchen witches practice most often in the kitchen and around their home. These witches are drawn to cooking (of course) and home routines. Offerings to their patron and matron deities are often homemade, and they probably have a floor wash or protection potion for anything you might need. If you’re drawn to herbs, spices, and the innate power that food brings to the body and mind, you might be a kitchen witch.


Hearth Witch

Hearth witches are similar to kitchen witches in that they focus on magick around the home. They may be fascinated by scents, textures and creating comfort as well as home protection and cleansing. Many hearth witches also practice their magick at the fireplace hearth, incorporating fire magick into their spells when possible.


Divination Witch

If you focus a majority of your magickal intentions through tarot or oracle cards, tasseography, pendulums, and scrying, you’re likely a divination witch. Divination witches are sensitive to the world around them – both the seen and unseen parts of it – and use their intuition and tools in their everyday life.


Fae Witch

Fae witches are usually drawn to Celtic magick and work with the fae. If you feel drawn to the little spirits around your home or love planting a garden that’s full of magick, you might be a fae witch.


Sea Witch

Sea witches are drawn to all bodies of water, not just the ocean. They often practice lunar magick as well, and some are so in tune with the weather that they can tell when a storm is on its way. If you love saltwater baths, you might have a bit of sea witch in you.


Eclectic Witch

Many witches identify as eclectic witches. For instance, you may be drawn primarily to divination but also practice a bit of kitchen magick and astrology. If you are drawn to many practices and combine them in your own magick, it’s likely you’re an eclectic witch.


A Quick Note:

There are many closed religions and practices around the globe that we haven’t included above, since we are not practitioners. And, of course, there are Wiccan witches and hereditary witches. We love and respect all forms of practicing witches and recognize that for some, witchcraft is a religion, and for others, it’s a separate practice. If you have questions, let us know!


And always remember: YOU are the magick.