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Inked Goddess Creations Box (Formerly Magick Mail)- 3 Month Recurring Subscription

$ 85.00

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We automatically charge you for your Inked Goddess Creations subscription- no need to purchase each month! As long as your subscription successfully renews, you will receive a box, even if we are 'Sold Out' on the website!
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This listing is for June's box, which will ship 6/3!

June's theme is Sacred Grove!

Have magick delivered directly to your door each month with the Inked Goddess Creations Box. 

Your Inked Goddess Creations Box will come packed with supplies that resonate with the energy and theme for that month.

The box each month will contain:

  • A beautifully scented handmade candle, exclusive to Inked Goddess Creations
  • A DIY- A kit, activity, meditation focus, affirmation, or altar set up for you to do (we want you making magick!)
  • Additional products to fit the theme of the month. Items will be a mixture of full-sized and sample-size, and could include Mists, Oils, Altar Items, Herbs, Gemstones, Divination Items, Booklets, Art Cards, Potion Bottles, Jewelry, Incense, Decor Items, Spell and Ritual Tools, Witchcraft Items and more!
  • Information cards to help add detail to the contents of your box each month, so you know exactly why the items were made or selected for you!


The boxes will not only contain many exclusive Inked Goddess Creations products which will not be available for purchase in the store until after that month's box has been shipped, but also exclusive box items that will NOT be for sale after the subscription box is sold out! We are also very big on working with other small businesses, artists and local businesses to bring you unique products that have amazing energy. We aren't simply a monthly witchcraft supply box; we want the Inked Goddess Creations Box to engage your mind, body, and soul to help inspire you to release the magick within you! 

You can see our past boxes here, which are no longer available for sale, but gives you a great idea of what to expect with the Inked Goddess Creations Box!

If purchasing this as a gift for someone, please note that we are unable to include gift messages with the order, due to our packing and shipping process.

If you have ANY questions about ordering or our subscription box, please email us or see our FAQ page (scroll down to the Inked Goddess Creations Box section) before ordering!

This listing is for a 3 month recurring subscription. You will be sent a box every month, and charged $85 every 3 months until the subscription is cancelled. Please see below for details and terms!

Shipping is FREE for the Inked Goddess Creations Boxes!

Orders placed on or before the 28th of each month will apply to the upcoming box, which mails out around the 3rd of the month. Orders placed after the 28th of each month will apply to the following month's box. (For example, orders placed on or before May 28th will be for the boxes shipped June 3. Orders placed after May 28th will apply to the July box.)

2019 Inked Goddess Creations Box Ordering & Shipping Schedule:

Month's Box Order By Date Ship Date
January  December 28, 2018 January 3, 2019
February  January 28, 2019 February 4
March February 28 March 4
April March 28 April 3
May April 28 May 3
June May 28 June 3
July June 28 July 3
August July 28 August 5
September August 28 September 3
October September 28 October 3
November October 28 November 4
December November 28 December 3


This listing is to pay for a 3 Month Subscription plan, which comes at a discount as compared to the monthly plan, as a thank you from us for purchasing 3 months at a time. There are also options in the store to purchase a monthly plan and a 6 month plan. This 3 Month Subscription plan will renew every 3 months, on the 28th of the 3rd month, and you will automatically be charged the $85 for 3 months with the payment option you have on file until you cancel the subscription plan. The box will automatically be mailed out to you around the 3rd of each month for those 3 months. To cancel or change your subscription, you can simply log into your account here at Inked Goddess Creations and make changes there. Subscription boxes and their contents are non-returnable/non-refundable. We do not offer partial refunds on remaining boxes if you cancel before the 3 months is up. By purchasing this listing, you are agreeing to the subscription terms stated here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Another great MM!


I knew purchasing this subscription would be amazing and worth every penny! I love this box subscription! I now want to purchase the 6 month subscription!


Good things come in 3s. I've enjoyed my first 3 boxes and am now looking forward to 3 more :) Every box is different and have fun themes.

I love my magick box

I've had a magick mail subscription since the first box, and I've loved every box thus far. I love the themes, and I love the thought that Morgan puts into each one of them. I've found over the past year+ that I've learned more and more about things I simply overlooked because of the products she puts in and my BOS is growing larger and larger in part because of my magick box. I look forward to each and every month!


This is an amazing subscription! I got my first one and did not know what to expect and I simply fell in love with it. It is so great that I took out a subscription for my daughter too. I think this is a great product with wonderful themes.