Are you looking for a magickal place where you can just be you?

The Inked Spirit Coven is a transformational online learning circle for eclectic witches to help them tap into their untamed magick, develop personal witchcraft practices that work for them, easily incorporate magick into their daily lives, and live their true, witchy selves with confidence.

2024's Focus: Rewilding Your Inner Witch

In 2024, we'll be focusing on Rewilding Your Inner Witch. The full Rewilding program is designed for a year of magick, divided seasonally, starting in March with the element of Air.

You do not have to be a member for the full year in order to unlock the benefits of the Rewilding Your Inner Witch program. You can join at any time!

Each month we will cover an aspect of that element as it applies to different witchcraft practices, as well as diving down to unlock our inner wild witches.

Rewilding Your Inner Witch Includes:

  • A monthly downloadable workbook with magickal correspondences for the month, journal prompts, mini spells or rituals and more to help you work to rewild your inner witch.

  • Monthly lessons and workshops that focus on real witchcraft practices and ideas. Each lesson is independent, but when the full year is put together, members will have gone through aspects of the elements Air, Fire, Water, and Earth and how to apply them to their individual spiritual paths.

Upcoming Monthly Themes

Membership Options

We offer options to pay by the month for your Inked Spirit Coven membership, or pay for a whole year of deepening your witchy knowledge and connection!

The membership covers all of the materials created exclusively for Inked Spirit Coven members, including Book of Shadows pages, guided meditation MP3s, and so much more!

PLEASE NOTE- When you purchase your membership, you MUST opt-in to receiving our newsletter, or you will not receive your Inked Spirit Coven welcome email!

Monthly Membership

A monthly subscription to the Inked Spirit Coven maintains your active status and gives you access to the Lesson Archives, live lessons and workshops, and the coven-only Facebook community group.

This option automatically renews each month so you never have to worry about your coven status. It renews each month on the same day as you purchased.

Monthly Membership

$30.00 USD

Yearly Membership

Yearly Membership

$300.00 USD

A yearly membership gives you two months free when compared to paying monthly.

Yearly membership coven members also get this Inked Spirit Coven bundle to honor the Rewilding Your Inner Witch theme for FREE! (US customers only)

Bundle comes with:

* Mini Cauldron
* Rewilding Herb Blend
* Lemurian Warrior Quartz Point
* Coven Pin
* Coven Sticker
* Charcoal Discs

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

~You have said, "Oh, shit! Ostara is today?"

~You have tried spells but it seems like your magick just doesn't "work."

~You have been practicing witchcraft for a while but feel disconnected from your spiritual path now because of everyday life stress.

~You want to learn more practices in witchcraft but get overwhelmed with the all of the information out there.

~You feel the ancient energy within you, but you are unsure of how to reawaken your power.

~You want a safe space to gather with other witches where you can do your soul work, heal, and be your authentic self.

Say Hello to the Inked Spirit Coven!

When you join the Inked Spirit Coven, you will:

~Be able to sift through the massive amounts of information out there *with active guidance* to discover magick that resonates with you and fits your life

~Connect with other eclectic witches in a supportive online community

~Develop regular magickal practices that empower you to create the life you deserve

~Gain the confidence to become the witch you know lives deep down inside of you!

Hello! I'm Morgan, Owner of Inked Goddess Creations, Creator and Magickal Mentor of the Inked Spirit Coven, & Eclectic Busy Witch of 25+ Years

**I want to be real with you from the start so you know exactly who you are learning from and how I got here.**

25 years ago, I was a lost teenage girl in a small, southern town, bullied because I was different, and had no one to turn to when I had questions about my spirituality.

(Think: Before the internet, and we lived an hour from the nearest bookstore! Ahhh, the 90s....)

As I slowly figured out who I was and took my power back, I knew I wanted to help others find themselves and unlock their power and magick.

This is why I started Inked Goddess Creations, which opened the pathway for me to start the Inked Spirit Coven.

I have walked the spiritual path of the Avalonian Tradition for over 20 years now, but my journey has never been a straight line. I've lost my way many times, hit rock bottom, isolated myself from my spirituality, and had to start my life and spiritual journey over from the beginning.

Through this journey I figured out how to unlock MY magick and personal power, which led to me overcoming depression and anxiety, developing busy-witch practices, and reclaiming my power as a Priestess of Avalon.

I have 25+ years of witchcraft, magickal, and self-empowering knowledge that I have lived to share with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time per month will I have to devote to Inked Spirit Coven?

~We have 1 class per month that lasts about an hour, and 1 workshop per month that also lasts about an hour. If you are unable to attend them live, they are recorded and added to the Lesson Archives pretty soon after the class is done. So, honestly- you can devote as much time each month to Inked Spirit Coven that you'd like. There are archives to dive through if you want to learn more, or you can just participate in daily discussions. You do get out of an Inked Spirit Coven membership what you put into and Inked Spirit Coven membership, so keep that in mind.

I'll also add this here- you have time in your life for exactly what you want to have time for in your life. How much time do you spend a day scrolling on social media or watching TV? If you took just a portion of that time and switched it over to participating in self-improvement, just think of the positive changes you could make!

I'm an introvert. Do I have to openly participate to be a member of Inked Spirit Coven?

~Nope! When we do the live lessons and workshops, cameras are optional. Daily participation in the Facebook group is optional. But, I can tell you that Inked Spirit Coven is FULL of introverts (myself included), so taking baby steps to answer a daily discussion question or ask a question you have are all part of building trust with your witchy community and opening yourself up.

What if I can't afford $30 a month?

~Inked Spirit Coven is actually one of the lowest-priced spiritual membership groups out there today that gives you direct access to a guide. Other groups at this price point give you pre-recorded messages from the owner and everything else is community-led. Because of the massive amount of work that is done by me to keep Inked Spirit Coven engaging, relevant, and fun, the price point will not be lowered. I, personally, don't even take this money. It's all put back into our small business to help it grow.

Do I get a discount on Inked Spirit Coven membership if I purchase things from Inked Goddess Creations?

~No, BUT an Inked Spirit Coven membership does come with a coupon code each month for 6% off purchases made at Inked Goddess Creations. It's not a lot, but it's what we could do as a bonus and thank you to our Inked Spirit Coveners.

Do I get one-on-one time with Morgan for personal guidance and advice?

~One-on-one time is not included with an Inked Spirit Coven membership. I am available for questions during the live lessons and workshops, and in the Facebook group.

Is this an organized, official coven with a high priestess, set of beliefs, etc.?

~Absolutely not! We are still individual witches with our own beliefs and practices who come together for support and learning. We have no dogma, no elders or high priestess, and you do not have to be initiated. We expect openmindedness and respect between members, as this group is a sacred family-like space for members.

Inked Spirit Coven is just $30/month for everything you have read here and more! We now have an option to pay for an entire year of coven membership, which comes out to just $25/month.*

During checkout, be sure to check the box to receive our newsletter so you can receive your welcome letter! Once you purchase, check your inbox for your introduction email with the link to our exclusive Facebook group!


Monthly Membership

$30.00 USD

Yearly Membership

$300.00 USD

I hope to see you in there!


*Coven membership is non-refundable, even if you are not active or find that it is not a good fit. We recommend trying a month first before purchasing a year, as refunds are not given due to the digital nature of this offering.

Inked Spirit is a monthly subscription group with an introductory rate of $30/month.

Any coupon codes only apply to first month and if you do not cancel your membership before it renews, you will be charged $30 on the
same date each month as when you signed up. PayPal is not accepted for the trial month or after, only credit cards. If you cancel your
membership, you will be removed from the Facebook group and access to members'-only sections of the website will be restricted.