Load image into Gallery viewer, Inked Spirit Coven Online Membership- Full Year- Inked Goddess Creations
Load image into Gallery viewer, Inked Spirit Coven Online Membership- Full Year- Inked Goddess Creations
Load image into Gallery viewer, Inked Spirit Coven Online Membership- Full Year- Inked Goddess Creations
Load image into Gallery viewer, Inked Spirit Coven Online Membership- Full Year- Inked Goddess Creations
Load image into Gallery viewer, Inked Spirit Coven Online Membership- Full Year- Inked Goddess Creations

Inked Spirit Coven Online Membership- Full Year

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Welcome to the Inked Spirit Coven, an online membership group and program hosted by Inked Goddess Creations!

This listing is to purchase an entire year of Inked Spirit Coven membership. You will automatically renew on the same day each year if you continue your membership. No refunds are given if you cancel during the year or are inactive in your membership. 

*This is NOT our subscription box. This is an online monthly membership with digital content. Please see our Inked Goddess Creations Box listings for our monthly subscription box.*

Are you looking for a magickal place where you can just be you?

The Inked Spirit Coven is an online learning circle for eclectic witches who want to learn new witchcraft practices and how to easily incorporate magick into their daily lives, while being supported on their personal spiritual journey.

When you join the Inked Spirit Coven, you will:

  • Be able to sift through the massive amounts of information out there *with active guidance* to discover magick that resonates with you and fits your life
  • Connect with other eclectic witches in a high-vibe online community
  • Develop regular magickal practices that empower you to create the life you deserve
  • Gain the confidence to become the witch you know lives deep down inside of you!

Here, you find a place to meet with your fellow witches to learn, share ideas, and be your authentic self. Here, you are a member of a community that supports you. Here, you learn how to remember your power and unlock your magick. Here, you can rewild and reconnect with Mother Earth, the moon phases, the seasons, the natural rhythms of life, and yourself.

Each Month, Your Inked Spirit Coven Membership Includes:

  • One Group Live Lesson on Facebook with Morgan
  • One Group Live Workshop on Zoom with Morgan
  • Downloadable Book of Shadows Pages for Each Lesson, Designed by Morgan
  • Member's Only Facebook Group
  • Monthly Magickal Challenge
  • Weekly Magickal Practices
  • Daily Discussion Topics including Spell Help
  • Monthly Downloadable Freebies
  • Member's Only Blog Posts from Morgan
  • Member's Exclusive Monthly Coupon Code for 6% Off Inked Goddess Creations Purchases
  • Direct Access to Morgan via the Facebook Group, Live Lessons, and Workshops

Bonus Benefits: 

  • A member-only portal on the Inked Goddess Creations website with monthly inspiration.
  • MP3 downloads of Inked Spirit Coven exclusive guided meditations to have on your phone or computer for when you need it
  • Access to over a year's worth of content in our Lesson Archives, which includes video lessons and book of shadows pages
  • Pre-recorded solitary Sabbat rituals, guided by Morgan
  • Inked Spirit Coven exclusive products for sale in the store some months
  • Extra downloadables that coincide with lessons or activities for the month.

Inked Spirit Coven is for you if:

  • You are looking to expand your witchcraft knowledge
  • You are looking for tips on how to incorporate magick into your everyday life
  • You are a busy witch
  • You are a beginner witch
  • You are a seasoned witch who is always open to learning
  • You are looking to be a part of a supportive, witchy community

Inked Spirit Coven is NOT for you if:

  • You don't want to devote time to your spiritual development
  • You're hoping for a magick pill to fix all of your problems immediately
  • You want someone to just tell you what to do each step of the way
  • You want an organized online coven complete with a high priestess
  • You are stuck in your belief path and not open to learning new ways of doing things
  • You don't have reliable internet access or want things mailed to you each month. Inked Spirit is an online membership.

The introductory rate for Inked Spirit Coven membership is $25 per month. If you join at this $25 rate and do not cancel your membership, your rate will remain $25 per month regardless of when this introductory rate ends.

*Again- this is NOT our monthly subscription box. This is a membership GROUP. Due to the digital nature of Inked Spirit Coven, refunds are NOT given.*

Inked Spirit Coven is an automatically recurring monthly subscription. You will automatically be charged on the same day each month as when you signed up. If you cancel your membership, you will be removed from the Facebook group, and access to members-only sections of the website will be restricted. If your charge declines on your renewal day, we will give you a few days to fix the decline, then your monthly subscription will be canceled.

All content for Inked Spirit Coven is hosted online or is digital; physical products are only included on rare occasions. If you do not have a Facebook account, the videos will be made available to you through our Lesson Archives, but you will not have access to the online community of other like-minded members.

By purchasing this listing, and beginning your Inked Spirit membership, you are agreeing to all of the terms stated in this listing.

Other items in the picture are for size reference only and are not included with the purchase.

Metaphysical properties of Inked Goddess Creations products are not guaranteed; I supply the tools, you supply the magick. Products should not be used in place of proper professional advice or treatment. If skin irritation occurs with body products, discontinue use immediately. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Internal use of herbs is not recommended, especially without having first consulted your doctor or a certified herbalist.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Justine H.
Best Purchase!

I love the coven and have been a member for a few years now. It is the most comfortable and welcoming place. I'm always learning new things. Being able to pay annually is a definite plus since I'm not planning on leaving ever!!!

Dora D.
Inked Spirit Coven

Talk about Devine timing! I’ve been waiting and wanting a class like this and am so excited for this journey. I love how much this has resonated with me and the whole coven. Thank you Morgan!

Rachel D.
Best Decision I made all year

This has been the best decision I've made in 2023. I've been shopping with IGC for a really long time. I've signed up for for the Coven late in 2023, and should have done it when it was created! At least I'm in now! The monthly downloads are wonderful. They are easy to read, informative and you can really tell how much work goes into them. I probably shouldn't but I do print out the whole guide and add to my research grimoire so I can find it easily, because there is always sooo much information as well as tarot spreads, spell notes and book of shadow templates. The group meetings are so welcoming! It is truly a safe place to practice witchcraft and to share our inner selves with like minded people that are supportive and understanding and most importantly nonjudgmental, which to me is so important. I'm new to accepting my life as a witch and it was scary my first meeting not knowing what to expect and it's been so wonderful! If you are thinking about joining just do it! It is very worth the money! If you can't make the meetings they are recorded so you can go back and watch and learn when you have time! STOP thinking about it and DO IT! We are all here for you just as they were all there for me when I joined!


I've been a member of Inked Spirit Coven since the beginning and love how it's grown- being able to pay for the whole year is a plus for me! I've been practicing for 25+ years and still learn new things, plus having community is absolutely wonderful!