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Our mid-June product launch is Saturday, June 22nd at 9 am PT!
Are You a Cottage Witch?

Are You a Cottage Witch?

A cottage witch centers their magickal practice on their home, with a holistic approach to magick, including hearth craft, kitchen witchery, and green witchcraft. If you have a close relationship with your home, delight in cleaning and caring for your sacred space, and maybe even speak to your home, you may be a cottage witch! Let’s explore some of the elements of cottage witchcraft and how you can add this practice to your everyday life. 


Are You a Cottage Witch?

Kitchen Tools Can Become Wands & More

Just about any utensil can become a wand with the right intention. Stir your brew clockwise to infuse the food or drink with an intention or positivity. A counterclockwise stir works for banishment. You can also take a cue from Morgan and draw a pentacle into your coffee for general magick and protection. By the way, antique iron kitchen tools hung on the wall provide your home with extra protection. 

Flowers For Décor & Spells

There’s nothing like a vase of fresh flowers to delight any witch who loves decorating their home. Pick them from your own garden or indulge in a small bouquet when you go to the grocery store. If the flowers are organically grown, you can use their dried petals and leaves for spells or ritual baths (just do your research to make sure you’re doing it safely!). 

Create Cozy Spaces

Cottage witches crave the cozy aspects of home. If this sounds like you, take some time to focus on creating a cozy reading nook, a private meditation spot, or even an inviting office space. Add lots of pillows, a blanket or heating pad if you get cold easily, and some of your favorite magickal objects. 

Add Warming Elements

Along with a focus on coziness, there’s a general warming element to cottage witchcraft. Cauldron simmers, candles, and a pleasant fire are just some of the elements that cottage witches are drawn to. Hot drinks like herbal tea or coffee will also add a bit more cottage magick to your day as well – especially if you go into an office to work. Taking a travel mug of your favorite warm drink can feel like a little hug on your commute. 

Using Dried Herbs

Dried herbs are a staple for most witches, and cottage witches use them in various ways. Look for interesting ways to use herbs, from creating homemade potpourri to hanging ropes of garlic, chili peppers, or onions in the kitchen for protection. Pro Cottage Witch Tip: Don’t consume the herbs or food you’ve hung up for protection. It’s absorbed bad energy on your behalf! 

So, how much does cottage witchcraft resonate with you?

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