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Click Here to RSVP to our Beltane Live Gemstone Sale - May 11, 2024
Click Here to RSVP to our Beltane Live Gemstone Sale - May 11, 2024
Beltane for the Busy Witch- Inked Goddess Creations

Beltane for the Busy Witch

Welcome to Beltane! Back in the day, Beltane was a two-day celebration, starting the night before the sabbat. This Celtic celebration involved partying for a full 24 hours from sundown, April 30, to sundown, May 1. It was a big deal! As fun as this sounds, most of us don’t have time for a 24-hour party. So let’s dive into the busy witch version!

Beltane for the Busy Witch

Energy of Beltane

Beltane’s energy is very hot, fiery, sexual, motivational, and passionate. For the Celtic year, this is the beginning of summer. If you’ve ever wondered why the first day of summer (Summer Solstice), according to our calendar, is called midsummer, it’s because Beltane was the start of summer and mid-June would be the middle.

Fertility and abundance reign and are represented in the sacred union of the May King and May Queen. The divine masculine and divine feminine come together to bless the land, bring fertility to women so they can start their families, and provide general abundance for everyone.

Beltane Correspondences


• Green is the primary color for fertility.

• Red and pink for love.

• White


Altar Ideas and Imagery

• Bonfire

• Maypole – the bringing together of the masculine and feminine.

• Fairies

• Beltane is a time for handfasting, and one of the activities in the ceremony is to jump the broom for fertility and love in marriage.

• Ribbons

• Flowers and plant growth

• The Green Man

• Candles

• Flower wreaths

You can also add representations of what you’re passionate about to your altar and sacred space.

Herbs, Oils & Scents

We’re still using lots of florals! Florals represent attraction, abundance, and fairy magick. Here are some other scents and herbs to consider:

• Cinnamon – For fiery energy

• Meadowsweet – Love, happiness, and divination

• Fennel – Fertility and motivation

• Mushrooms – Fairy magick, divination, and expanding your mind (even edible ones from the grocery store!)

• Sensual scents – Whatever you use to feel sexy, amplify that! Rose, geranium, vanilla, and musk are great choices.


• Fluorite – Perfect for fairies!

• Emerald – Abundance and fertility. (It’s also May’s birthstone.)

• Tree and Moss Agate – Growth and abundance.

• Green jade – Abundance, unconditional love, sexual energy.

• Any orange gemstones that open the sacral chakra for creativity as well as fertility, such as carnelian, orange calcite, and fire agate.

Types of Magick to Practice:

Fairy Magick

There are two times a year that the veil is the thinnest. We know about Samhain, of course, but during Beltane, the veil is also thin. Yet, rather than connecting with the other side and our ancestors, it’s time to connect with realms of magickal creatures like fairies.

Since the veil is thin between our worlds, Beltane is perfect for practicing fairy magick. However, they can be quite mischievous if you choose to work with them. If you’ve invited them into your home, you may find things go missing. It’s usually done in good fun, but it can be frustrating for the humans in the house. To counteract their playful problem-causing, set aside a little bowl for the fairies. They love shiny objects, little metal bits, broken gemstones, and similar items. You can ask them to take those items instead of hiding or taking your possessions.

No matter what, fairies are almost guaranteed to help lighten a situation. They’ll also help keep things playful. Just remember, never command a fairy. Ask for their help or influence. Otherwise, things might go missing, never to return.

Sex Magick

Beltane is also prime time to practice sex magick, which you can practice with your partner or by yourself. Before the sexual act, you want to decide what your intention will be. Decide this before getting into the act itself so you’re not distracted.

Set your space and add a little spice in the form of candles, mood lighting, oils, whatever works for you. Set an intention as well for where you’ll send your energy. With sex magick, you build up an incredible amount of energy, directing it toward a specific intention that releases at the peak of climax.

It sounds simple; you just have to remember at the moment of climax to send the energy out.

What about sharing that information with your partner? That’s up to you. Obviously, if you want to harness their energy for the intent, consent is sexy. If you’re just using YOUR climax on it, your magick is your own. You’re using your own magick and essence, not theirs. So, it’s up to you.

Remember, you are the magick! May this Beltane be full of fiery passion, creativity, and maybe some sexy time if you’re into it…

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