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Common Places in Your Dreams

Common Places in Your Dreams

Our dreams can range from entertaining to terrifying, but did you know the locations you dream about carry messages with them? Believe it or not, dreaming you’re naked at school or stuck in a cave may not mean what you think it means. Keep reading to find out more.

Common Places in Your Dreams


Who hasn’t had a dream about being back in school? Even worse, most of us have probably had that dreaded underdressed or completely naked dream to go along with it. However, if you’re dreaming about school, it’s a good chance that you’re facing some tests in your life. And if you’re dreaming of being naked in your classroom, you might feel unprepared for that test.

In the air (flying)

If you’re flying in your dreams, you’re feeling in control of your life, especially if you’re flying well. On the flip side, if you’re flying poorly or just can’t get up off the ground, it could be a sign that you feel out of control. So it might be a sign that something needs to change.

In a cave

Caves protected our ancestors from the elements before they began building houses. So, in much the same way, caves are protective in your dreams. This is especially the case when there’s a secret you’re holding, or you’ve found out some troubling news someone has asked you to keep concealed.

The beach

A beach dream can mean a variety of things. Sand dunes herald questionable schemes involving acquaintances in your waking life. Lying on a beach could be your mind’s way of telling you to rest now because things are about to get busy. Sandy dreams, without water nearby, could mean contentment if it’s a calm dream or difficulties ahead if you find yourself caught in a sandstorm.

On a boat

If you find yourself on a boat while dreaming, good news – literally! Good or important news is likely on its way to you. You also might be in good luck with a new business venture.


When you’re caught underwater and feel like your drowning, it’s a good indication that you’re facing something in your waking hours that is dragging you down. Conversely, if you’re swimming freely underwater, you’re likely feeling at peace during the day.

In the Mountains

Like mountains in the waking world, mountains in dreams present significant obstacles to climb. A gorge or ravine running between the mountains in your dream could indicate emotional pitfalls. Snowy mountains indicate you’ll need to be innovative and creative for the coming challenges.

In a Forest

Dreaming that you’re in the forest is another good sign. It means that prosperity may be on its way to you soon.

Have you ever dreamed about any of these locations before?

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