Favorite Practices for Mind, Body, Soul Connections from the IGC Witches

Favorite Practices for Mind, Body, Soul Connections from the IGC Witches

Life can get heavy sometimes, and it’s important to have practices for your mind, body, and soul when you need them. So, we got together to share our favorite practices with you. We hope these help you connect even more with yourself. Here’s what we witches at ICG recommend! 

Communing with the Earth

Gardening - There's nothing like getting my hands into some earth and caring for the year's herbs and flowers. When I don't have the energy to actively garden, just sitting among them and watching the bugs and birds at work is relaxing. – Angela

Earthing & Gardening – I love connecting to the earth when I feel off. – Arizona Meghan 

Go for a walk and take in the environment, even if you live in an urban place. Feeling the sun and hearing all the noise of life- birdsong, cicadas, even cars going back and forth on the roads- keeps me grounded. – Nicole

Using the Element of Water

I gravitate to water when I'm stressed and need to center and ground. I'll run my hands through a fountain or stand in the shower and just let the water wash over me. - Morgan

I always “take it to the water” when I need some soul care. Whether it’s a big water bottle full of cool, clear water, a bath, or stepping into the lake nearby, taking it to the water is a lifesaver for me. – Texas Megan 

Body Movement

I turn on music and intuitively move my body to it. Sometimes it's soft, gentle, flowy music and sometimes it's crazy, upbeat, jumpy music. I tap into the music's flow and get out all of the pent-up emotions in me. I'm sure it looks crazy from the outside, but it's so therapeutic to me. – Morgan

Yoga - Especially yin yoga and gentle yoga practices. They help you connect to your mind, body, and breath. Yin, in particular, gives you what I call the Yin Daze after - you feel super relaxed. Traditional Chinese Medicine Yin is my specialty. – Arizona Meghan 

Meditation & Breathwork

I do guided meditations that are focused on certain energies I want to increase in my life. Sometimes I just need to meet with my higher self or spirit guides for comfort, and listening to guided meditations always helps me with this. – Morgan

Breathwork and grounding are life-savers - Sitting in easy pose (cross-legged) on a bolster/blanket/pillow. Next, close your eyes and focus on your breath, and connect to it. Then doing 4 part breathwork for several rounds. Coming back to the regular breath and sitting with how the body has shifted. Like a mini-meditation before yoga practice, but works great when you just need to refocus. – Arizona Meghan

Yoga Nidra is also great - It feels like you just had an amazing 2-hour nap, but the meditation is only 30 minutes for regular practitioners. They use this for soldiers who have PTSD. It's a guided meditation that keeps your mind awake and allows the body to rest. Also works with the subconscious to heal old wounds. – Arizona Meghan 

Energy Work

I have monthly appointments with my chiropractor and my massage therapist. Together, these healing energy work sessions keep me from feeling burnt out and keep my body moving like it needs to. – Texas Megan

Acupuncture and Energy Work are big for me. – Arizona Meghan


Crafting - Making things with my hands give me an opportunity to think, to practice mindfulness, and to actively imbue whatever I'm making (especially potential gifts) with love and magick. – Angela

I’ve recently taken up watercolor painting and I love it. It’s a great way to keep my hands busy when I’m antsy while giving my mind a break. – Texas Megan 

We hope these tips and tricks help you on YOUR journey!

The IGC Witches