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Finding Balance with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Finding Balance with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

There’s a lot of talk about the divine feminine and divine masculine lately. One is sometimes perceived as being better than the other, and that’s simply untrue. What’s best is a balanced, aligned combination of the two. And, your balance will look different than others because these divine energies shift along a spectrum and come forward when we need more of one or the other. Together, they create a divine alignment that can transform with you depending on your situation or needs.

Finding Balance with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Divine Feminine Energies

The divine feminine aligns with water and earth elements, and we often see her energy represented in the maiden, mother, and crone archetypes. Our divine feminine side is soft but fierce – think Mama Bear energy. This side is also wise, compassionate, heart-centered, creative, intuitive, and reflective. This energy is found in everyone.

Divine Feminine Correspondences:

  • Moon
  • Earth
  • Nature
  • Water and earth elements
  • Maiden, Mother, Crone
  • Silver
  • Spring and winter seasons
  • Yin
  • Cauldron
  • Chalice


Divine Masculine Energies

Just like divine feminine energy, divine masculine energy is found in everyone, regardless of gender. These energies balance one another in divine harmony. Divine masculine energy is an active, protective energy that pushes forward movement. It is focused on protection, strength, drive, ambitions, and power. When embraced in its fullness, the divine masculine allows us to exercise compassionate self-leadership, a supportive structure for our divine feminine creativity, and the wisdom to pause, think, and communicate well.

Divine Masculine Correspondences:

  • Sun
  • Sky
  • Animals
  • Fire and air elements
  • Horned God, Oak King, and Holly King
  • Gold
  • Summer and autumn seasons
  • Yang
  • Athame


Find Balance in the Two Together

When your divine feminine and divine masculine work in harmony with one another, you may find yourself standing firmer in your convictions. You may also find that your creativity flourishes when you do it with a little more of a plan, such as, “I’m going to make a goal to paint every Saturday morning.”

Giving yourself frameworks and structure (divine masculine) means that your creativity and intuition (divine feminine) can thrive and expand. By inviting the divine feminine to your more strategic meetings and plans, you will find a level of kindness and compassion that wasn’t prevalent before.

Some days, you’ll find that you are in a more masculine space, and other days, you’ll find that you are more in tune with your feminine side. Any mix of the two is perfect, because it’s YOUR experience. And as you become more in tune with both sides, you’ll find a beautiful spectrum and balance that’s beyond the idea of a binary.

When they’re in the right relationship, the divine masculine and divine feminine support each other and help you be a whole human being.

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