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Our mid-June product launch is Saturday, June 22nd at 9 am PT!
Our mid-June product launch is Saturday, June 22nd at 9 am PT!
The Magickal “In-Between”

The Magickal “In-Between”

I’ll never forget the first time the idea for the magick in between came to me. I was walking down a street in the French Quarter of New Orleans when I realized you could peek between houses and buildings to see these beautiful, magickal little spaces between the buildings. Dramatic fountains, private courtyards with fairy lights strung in the trees, old stone walls…it’s just beautiful.

The Magickal “In-Between”

The same beauty exists in the “in-between” spaces of magick that may not get as much attention: gray magick, the waxing and waning moon phases, and beyond. Yet, these in-between points are just as magickal and wonderful and deserve some recognition too.

Gray Magick

Most witches practice gray magick, yet, it doesn’t get much attention. For those outside the witchy world, it seems like witches are either “good” or “bad.” Yet, most of us are somewhere in the middle. A witch may hex someone as a counter-hex or cast a spell to help someone out, with good intentions, but without their permission. Most gray magick concentrates on self-improvement and life-improvement, but there’s definitely a don’t F with me vibe to gray magick. So the key is to keep things balanced.

Balance Between the Divine Masculine and Feminine

Speaking of balance, there’s a beautiful in-between point with balancing the masculine and feminine energies. When you hit that point, everything just flows. You feel empowered without guilt and creative while maintaining your grounded nature. It’s a beautiful alignment. 

Waxing Moon

The Waxing Moon occurs after the New Moon and before the Full Moon. This magickal time is perfect for invoking beginnings, inspiration, and building your magick as we approach the Full Moon. It’s also the perfect time for constructive magick, including love, luck, health, and prosperity spells. 

Waning Moon

As we move from the Full Moon to the Dark Moon, don’t forget about the Waning Moon between the two. This is the time to release what doesn’t serve you. It’s also the prime time for banishing magick and releasing unwanted negative energies. Use the power of this phase for scrying and strengthening your psychic abilities. 

The Work Between the Affirmation and Realization

There’s also magickal work that happens in between your affirmations and their realization. We talk a lot about Visionary Magick here at IGC, and more recently, the Road Opener IGC box requires you to do some work between point A and point B. It’s easy to expect a quick shift or a significant change in magick right away, yet, there’s often a lot of work to do between setting an affirmation and the realization of the affirmation. It’s just like the pause between a magickal working and the result. Sometimes there’s work for you to do! 

Regardless of the work you’re doing, remember to take pleasure in the magickal in-between. And be sure to peek between buildings the next time you travel. You might be surprised by what you find!

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