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New Moon in Capricorn- December 23, 2022

New Moon in Capricorn- December 23, 2022

The New Moon in Capricorn arrives on December 23, 2022 to bring full-circle your year of intentions and manifestations. 2022 began with a New Moon in Capricorn on January 2nd, so this end-of-the-year New Moon brings to completion energies that you began raising during January's New Moon. Take a look back at the intentions you set in January- Did you achieve them this year? If not, do you want to try and achieve them in 2023? What do you need to do differently this year to achieve them?

Capricorn's energy is earthy, grounded, and practical. This New Moon you will be urged to look at your big-picture goals and create a plan to achieve them. Dream big, as other planetary alignments with this New Moon (specifically the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto) will help you add clarity to your intentions while tapping into your inner drive and dedication to make your dreams a reality. Creating a grand structure to support achieving your goals is also a very Capricorn-aligned New Moon activity. Think about how you can easily add tasks to your existing schedule that help you achieve your big-picture goals for the year.

Don't be surprised if you feel the need to clean and organize during this New Moon, too. Capricorn's energy is all about routine, boundaries, and coordination. You might also feel like undertaking some mundane tasks which set a firm foundation in your life, like coming up with a budget, creating a meal plan to help you achieve your health goals, or rearranging your schedule to better suit your existing energetic flow in life. 

Capricorn's energy also urges you to make the most of the last week and a half of December and crush any goals that you are at the brink of achieving. Capricorns love to hustle and accomplish things, so you can tap into this energy to bring completion to things in your life before the New Year hits!

Happy New Moon in Capricorn,

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