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How To Communicate With and Revere Your Ancestors

How To Communicate With and Revere Your Ancestors

As we move into the shadowy part of the year, the veil will continue to thin, and we’ll be able to communicate with those on the other side more easily than throughout the rest of the year. However, ancestor communication is one of those practices you can observe at any time of the year, and there are many ways to do it. Keep reading for our favorite tips.

How To Communicate With and Revere Your Ancestors

Before we get into it…

A Note About Problematic Ancestors

Some of us don’t come from the healthiest families, and it may feel wrong to honor harmful ancestors. The good news is you don’t have to communicate or revere all of your ancestors. You can pick and choose who you work with for your greatest good.

For instance, if a great uncle was a positive paternal figure in your early childhood, you can choose to communicate with him rather than your own father. Likewise, if you don’t have any connections with your ancestors, you can honor your genetic heritage and practice the rituals and traditions of your likely predecessors.

You can also call on your spiritual ancestors – teachers, saints, and guides who have played a part in your spiritual “upbringing” and development. You have more ancestors than you may realize.

Cooking with Them

It’s no secret we love kitchen witchery at IGC, so cooking with our ancestors is one of our favorite practices. You can pull out a recipe from your family member’s collection and prepare it in your kitchen. As you do, you can open a channel to that ancestor and seek their guidance in cooking the meal.

Another way to honor your ancestors in the kitchen is to brew their favorite tea or purchase their favorite ice cream. Enjoy the treat and send gratitude to that ancestor as you do.

Wear One of Their Clothing Items

Do you have a piece of jewelry or clothing that belonged to a beloved grandparent? Wearing that item can help bring them closer to you. Wear your grandfather’s tie pin for good luck and divine masculine energies at an interview. Carry your grandmother’s coin purse in your handbag for abundance.

Create an Ancestor Altar

Of course, an ancestor altar is a great way to revere those who came before you. It can be as simple as a picture of the ancestor with a candle in the corner of your living room, or as elaborate as a long table with dozens of photographs and items from your ancestors on it.

You can also set a place for your ancestors at family dinner tables during holidays and special events. Including your ancestors by designating a physical location for them is a special way to honor their legacy.

Go for a Walk with Them

A unique way to connect with your ancestors is to go for a walk with them. Spend the time chatting with them, asking them if they need support, and asking for guidance when needed. Remember, your relationship with your ancestors can be alive and vibrant, even though they are on the other side.

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