How to Use Incense In Your Magick

How to Use Incense In Your Magick

Incense is a beautiful, historical ritual tool. These days, you can find it in stick, cone, loose, and backflow forms, but it’s hardly new. Incense was used in ancient Egypt to purify ceremonial spaces and burial tombs. Frankincense and myrrh are mentioned in the Bible, and incense has been a part of Hinduism for thousands of years. In fact, the oldest known use of incense comes from ancient China, where it was made of herbs and plants, some of which are familiar to us today, like sandalwood and cinnamon.

Choosing the Right Incense for Your Magick

What kind of magick are you working? Use the handy guide below to choose which type is best for your ritual or practice.

  • Love: cinnamon, coconut, rose, jasmine
  • Prosperity: frankincense, cinnamon
  • Rituals & Offerings to Deities: myrrh, nag champa, frankincense, dragon’s blood, sandalwood
  • Abundance: evergreen, clove, jasmine, patchouli
  • Protection: rose, dragon’s blood, sage


Incense Sticks

You’re likely familiar with incense sticks, otherwise known as joss sticks. They’re crafted from thin bamboo and have different burn times depending on the manufacturer.


Cone incense, or dhoops, is lit at one end and smolders until going out. This type of incense is perfect for larger spaces.

Incense Matches

Try incense matches if you’re looking for a portable and quick cleansing. They have a much shorter burn time than other forms of incense, but their portability means you just have to strike the match and drop it in a fireproof dish.

Backflow Incense

These cones are hollow, so the cool air from inside the burner reaches the smoke and pulls it down through the hole and into the burner. The effect makes it look like the smoke is a waterfall.

Loose Incense

Loose incense mixes require a charcoal disk to burn, but offer versatility for your magickal needs. Just be sure to fill your vessel with sand or salt to help diffuse the heat. Those charcoal disks can get hot quickly!


How to Use Incense

Incense is perfect for cleansing your space and your tools. Place gemstones in a small bowl and pass the bowl through the smoke. Or, if you have a backflow burner, place gemstones at the base and allow the incense to flow over it.

You can also use incense to cleanse new tools or your Tarot deck between readings. Finally, use incense anywhere you’d use candles. Just be sure to be safe when using incense around kids and familiars.


How do you use incense?