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Introducing Your Kids to Magickal Practice

Morgan Moss

Posted on May 24 2019

It’s natural to introduce your kids to your belief system, and if you practice magick regularly, it can be extremely fascinating for little ones. The beautiful crystals, interesting herbs in the kitchen, artistic tarot cards, or even captivating flame of your candles pique anyone’s curiosity, and children are no different. During certain parts of the year – Halloween and Samhain, and again at Beltane – their interest may increase even more. Introducing Your Kids to Magickal Practice

While it might feel intimidating to introduce your children to the magick you practice, it can also be a beautiful time to bond with them and introduce them to the beliefs that support your everyday life.

How to Introduce Kids to Magick

As with anything new in your children’s lives, it’s both important to be open and keep things age appropriate. A five-year-old, for example, will be satisfied with simpler answers than a 15-year-old. They’ll also understand less than a child a few years older.

Allow your kids to touch some of your magickal items – under your supervision, of course – or have them light a candle with you and sit beside you during a ritual.

Even very small children quickly pick up on the reverence and solemnity during meditation and prayer after just a few exposures to it. Encourage them to be a part of your practice and ask them for their thoughts afterward.

Here are some more tips on practicing magick with your little ones:


Most children love rocks and gems, so introducing your child to crystals is a natural and fun way to infuse magick into their life. Start with more common crystals, like amethyst, selenite, and rose quartz. Teach them about each one’s properties or purchase an age-appropriate crystal book to help them learn about each gem’s use. Pretty soon, your child may know more about some stones than you do!

~Oracle Cards~

While tarot cards are too complex for most children, oracle cards can be very comfortable and fascinating for them. A simple deck that focuses on fairies, animal spirits, or even butterflies can help your child discover things about their intuition. Encourage them to examine each card for the colors, patterns, and images. Ask them what they see and how it makes them feel. This practice builds self-trust through fun and imagination.

 ~Kitchen Witchery~

Kids love to cook! How many of us have memories of being covered in flour, helping our mothers or grandmothers in the kitchen making cookies? Pull up a stool and encourage your little one to help prepare dinner or bake a magick-infused loaf of bread. Teach them about the herbs you use in your kitchen magick and why you use them. Encourage them to infuse their kneading and stirring with a simple spell or a good intention.

~Herb Gardening~

If you often use kitchen magick, then you might have an herb garden already. If not, consider creating one with your child. Bury a few crystals in your garden when you do to teach your child even more about magick. We suggest Tiger’s Eye, Aventurine, and Tree Agate, but there are several crystals perfect for the garden. Then, when it comes time to harvest your herbs, teach your child how to cut sprigs with a grateful heart and then use them in ritual or for meal preparation.

~Moon Cycles~

The moon provides yet another opportunity to teach your kids about the magickal world around us. Start simple, with the full and new moon, and teach them about what energies are strongest with these two phases. Create moon charts with older kids and encourage them to journal how they feel at different phases. You can even include them in your full moon and new moon rituals if it’s comfortable for you.

What’s most important when introducing your child to magick is that they feel safe and free to express themselves. Allow them to ask questions and be prepared with honest, open answers. And remember to have fun! Magick brings comfort, strength, and peace to your life and, chances are, it will do the same for your child.

Our Wee Witches Box can help you connect with your child and teach them all about magickal practice. Each box release, they get their own tools to start or continue the spiritual practices you have helped instill in them. 

Do you have experience practicing magick with your child or grandchild? We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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