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Our mid-June product launch is Saturday, June 22nd at 9 am PT!
Our mid-June product launch is Saturday, June 22nd at 9 am PT!
4 Types of Magick to Practice at Beltane

4 Types of Magick to Practice at Beltane

Beltane ushers in the active part of the year and is celebrated from sunset on April 30th to sunset on May 1st. During this magickal time, earth energies are strong, and the world seems to be bursting with fertility energy and renewal. 4 Type of Magick to Practice at Beltane

Take this time to work with your patron gods and goddesses together as representations of the May Queen and May King. Add personal elements to your practice in the form of crystals, spells, and, of course, fire. Beltane is also known as the Fire Festival, and its name “Beltane” comes from the Celtic God Bel, whose name means “the bright one.” The second part of “Beltane” derives from the Gaelic word “teine,” which means fire. Together these words create “Bright Fire,” and we can’t think of a better name for this energetic, joyful time of year.

Whether you plan to dance around a May Pole or you’ve got your altar set for the celebration, consider these four magicks for your practice too!


~Fertility Magick~

Beltane is a celebration of fertility both for the earth and within us as individuals. Take this time to work fertility magick in your personal life. This can take the form of practicing intimacy either literally with your partner or symbolically as in joining an athame and chalice in ritual. The pair of magickal tools are symbolic of both the male and female energies. If you want to conceive a child, now is the prime time for casting fertility spells. Choose a red candle for love and passion, green for fertility, or pink for love when practicing your fertility magick.


~Fairy or Fae Magick~

As the earth begins waking up and nature is coming back to life, it is a fantastic time to practice fae magick. They’re at their most active during Beltane. Just like working with gods and goddesses, each type of fae has its own type of magick. Pixies, for example, are good to work with for illusions and glamours. Leprechauns’ magick lies in the realm of money.

Fae magick is both an old form of magick and can be difficult for new witches. If you’re new to it, try starting with a playful heart and study each form of fae to decide which type is best suited for you. We also suggest our Fairy Magick Spell Kit for beginning practitioners.


~Earth and Garden Magick~

Take the time around Beltane to ground to the earth and connect with your garden. Plant herbs to use in your spells or spend some time tidying up your flowerbeds while blessing the ground. Choose an assortment of herbs and flowers to plant for flexibility in spell casting. Plant basil and chamomile for money and prosperity; sunflowers and clover for luck; valerian and lavender for peace; rosemary for protection; and tulips and daffodils for love.

Consider using crystals in your garden rituals, too! Aventurine protects plants from negative energy and pollution. Tiger’s Eye encourages healthy roots. Tree Agate calms plants and encourages full growth.

Not the gardening type? Spend some time walking around your lawn barefoot to connect with Mother Earth’s energy or meditate while resting under a tree, with your spine aligned with the tree’s trunk.


~Fire Magick~

Many practitioners choose to build a Bale Fire to celebrate Beltane as people did in early Ireland and Scotland. In Ireland, legend has it that tribal leaders would send a representative up to the hill of Uisneach, where a large bonfire was lit. Each representative would return to their home villages with their torches, where villagers would light their own torches and carry the fire back to their homes to light hearth fires. In Scotland, the Bale Fire was seen as a source of protection and purification for herds of cattle. The fire itself would bring good luck to the farmers and herders.

To celebrate this tradition, use candles in specific colors or gather your family and friends around a backyard firepit. You can add herbs to the fire or send a piece of unburned wood back home with friends and family members to honor old traditions.

When building a fire, please be wary of high winds and ensure that your fire is built properly and safely. It’s also a good idea to have a bucket of water on hand to douse the fire if it starts burning out of control.


~Make Your Own Magick~

No matter how you choose to celebrate Beltane, we wish you a Sabbat full of love, rebirth, and prosperity. Remember, the magick is within you!



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