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The Inked Grimoire

  • Busy Witch Hacks from the IGC Witches
    December 18, 2020 Megan Winkler

    Busy Witch Hacks from the IGC Witches

    If you’re a busy witch like we are here at Inked Goddess Creations, you like to practice magick quickly and effectively whenever possible. To help you do that, we put our heads together and came up with all the ways we use short cuts in our practice and bring more magick to our days.
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  • Safe Magickal Shortcuts (and a Few to Avoid!)
    December 4, 2020 Megan Winkler

    Safe Magickal Shortcuts (and a Few to Avoid!)

    Magick requires a certain amount of concentration and practice, but what’s a busy witch to do? Here are some shortcuts that you can safely take without messing up your magick (and some you should avoid!).
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  • Warming Up with Winter Magick
    November 6, 2020 Megan Winkler

    Warming Up with Winter Magick

    Winter is often when we most want to cozy up with a fluffy blanket, huddle by the fire, and embrace warmth. Here's how to practice winter magick.

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  • Trickster Magick – Be Careful What You Ask For!
    September 11, 2020 Megan Winkler

    Trickster Magick – Be Careful What You Ask For!

    Across cultures and throughout human history, the trickster plays an integral role in myths, legends, and magick. Sometimes this role takes a positive turn, and sometimes the trickster gives you more than you bargained for. The key to trickster magick is to remember that you may not always get what you asked for – or even what you wanted – but you’ll get what you need.

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  • What is a Spiritual Warrior?
    August 6, 2020 Megan Winkler

    What is a Spiritual Warrior?

    The difference between an ordinary person and a warrior is that the warrior takes everything as a challenge, not a curse. Do you find yourself wanting to be a part of the shift in global consciousness? Maybe you feel the drive to make the world a better place. If this resonates with you, you’re already a Spiritual Warrior at heart. As with every magickal practice, Spiritual Warrior Magick is a process, and there will always be something new to explore. 
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  • Mother Nature’s Misfit Gemstones
    August 3, 2020 Megan Winkler

    Mother Nature’s Misfit Gemstones

    Some gemstones are a little "different." We’re suckers for the unique and unusual, so we thought we’d highlight some of Mother Nature’s “misfit” gemstones – the ones that make you scratch your head or think, “Huh? Is that right?” 
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  • Magickal Ingredients to Rediscover in the Kitchen
    July 24, 2020 Megan Winkler

    Magickal Ingredients to Rediscover in the Kitchen

    Sometimes we have something utterly magickal right under our nose, but don’t think to use it that way. Take lemons: they’re so familiar that I forget about all the ways I can use them to infuse magick into a dish. So today, we’re exploring some less-common ingredients and a couple that you may have overlooked or – dare I say – have gotten bored with. May you see them in a new light after reading this post.
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  • Making the Mundane Magickal
    June 12, 2020 Megan Winkler

    Making the Mundane Magickal

    Something magickal happens when you weave intention, spells, and actual magick into your daily routine. To help you infuse your day with more witchy energy, we’ve created a list of magickal ideas that are simple and don’t require anything other than your imagination. Here’s your guide for turning mundane tasks into something absolutely magickal.
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