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Our mid-June product launch is Saturday, June 22nd at 9 am PT!
Our mid-June product launch is Saturday, June 22nd at 9 am PT!
Magickal Divine Masculine Symbols

Magickal Divine Masculine Symbols

Summer Solstice kicks off the divine masculine part of the year. The sun is at its highest, trees and flowers bloom with a passion, and the refreshing energy of life surrounds us at its height before the harvest season. Divine masculine energy is focused on protection, strength, drive, ambition, power and is a beautiful balance to the divine feminine. When embraced in its fullness, the divine masculine allows us to exercise compassionate self-leadership, a supportive structure for our divine feminine creativity, and the wisdom to pause, think, and communicate well. 

Below are some symbols of the divine masculine in nature and tradition. We hope they inspire you to nurture your divine masculine more often.

Magickal Divine Masculine Symbols 


Antlers are one of the most sacred natural symbols of divine masculine energy. Naturally-shed antlers collected in fields do not harm the animal, and these antlers are a beautiful symbol of the spiritual nature of the moose, elk, whitetail, or other deer from which they grow. 

Stags are symbols of Adonis, Apollo, Cernunnos, Gwydion, and Silvanus. They carry with them magick to help you with knowledge, longevity, renewal, and support. Elk antlers may bring you support in cooperation, dignity, endurance, integrity, passion, power, and relationship balance. Antlers are like the crown of the animal. They grow beyond the body and connect the animal with the divine. What a wonderful way to epitomize the connection of above and below!


Eye of Shiva

The Eye of Shiva or Shiva Shell is a serene natural gem created from a sea snail in the South Seas. It’s named for Lord Shiva’s third eye. Highly regarded for its divination and transformation properties, the gem is a physical, emotional, and spiritual healer. The Eye of Shiva resonates with the third eye and helps us interpret and consider the inner and outer worlds around us. It’s also known for being a code breaker and good for warding off psychic attacks by deflecting the evil eye.


Horned God

In Wicca and some forms of Neopaganism, the Horned God is the masculine counterpart to the Triple Goddess. He is associated with the wilderness, hunting, nature, sexuality, and nature’s life cycle. His horns emphasize the connection with humanity and the divine. In many traditions, he’s seen as a dualistic god who has light and dark aspects. In others, he may be a triple god with aspects of the Warrior, Father, and Sage. His symbol is a circle with a half-moon crescent on top.



Buddha is known as the Supreme Awakened One, who taught his followers to release craving and clinging to this world and escape to a cycle of birth and rebirth. His energy resonates with compassion, consciousness, enlightenment, unity, wisdom, kindness, introspection, forgiveness, and spirituality – all characteristics of the divine masculine. Buddhist teachings highlight self-restraint, ethics, meditation, and mindfulness practices. 

While there are other examples of the divine masculine across cultures and religions, these four symbols are some of the most easily recognized. What other symbols would you add to this list?

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