Manifestation Ideas for Increased Blessings

Manifestation Ideas for Increased Blessings

This year has been a whirlwind of emotions, stress, and worry…and it’s still just October. Instead of dwelling on things that we wish were different, how about some Manifestation Magick to give us a grounded, happy end of the year? Let’s discuss what manifestation is and how you can use it to bring abundance, blessings, and peace to your life.


What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the ability to bring something into your life through attraction and belief. It could be a physical thing or an intangible one – like a new car or a more self-love. People often refer to the Law of Attraction when discussing manifestation, and there’s a good reason for that. The Law of Attraction says that we can attract anything we put our minds to. In both Manifestation Magick and the Law of Attraction, most people agree that you have to do more than just think happy thoughts. There’s an action component to it, and that action may look different to everyone.


“For me, powerful manifestation occurs when I can utilize as many of my senses as possible when visualizing my intention coming to life. If I can not only activate as many senses as possible when manifesting but also feel what I’m manifesting with every emotion I possibly can, those are the spells and manifestations that work for me the most.” – Morgan, Owner of Inked Goddess Creations


Layer Upon Layer of Magick

What does it look like to activate all the senses when manifesting what you want? It may include creating an image while listening to music that resonates with your intention and burning a corresponding candle. Here are some more specific ways to incorporate as many senses possible into your manifestation practice. These are suggestions only, and we encourage you to change the combination up to suit your intentions and taste. Remember, the magick is in YOU. We’re just here to help get the creativity flowing!


Manifesting Love 

Yes, you can manifest more love in your life without trying to force anyone to fall in love with you!

  • Sight: Create a Pinterest board full of couples in love, love quotes, and anything else you find inspiring.
  • Smell: Burn a cinnamon or gardenia candle, or dab on some rose oil.
  • Taste: Enjoy some ginger candy.
  • Touch: Dress in a luxurious or soft fabric before sitting down to work your magick.
  • Sound: Listen to a collection of love songs on your favorite music streaming service. 

Manifesting Prosperity

  • Sight: Create a witchy vision board or write out a list of things you want.
  • Smell: Diffuse bergamot, jasmine, orange, or patchouli oil, or burn cedar.
  • Taste: Drink peppermint tea.
  • Touch: Hold a corresponding gemstone in your hand like citrine, jade, or pyrite.
  • Sound: Jingle a few coins in your hand as you work on your spell and keep them in your pocket as a reminder.

Manifesting Peace

  • Sight: Create a sigil for inner or outer peace.
  • Smell: Burn frankincense resin.
  • Taste: Drink chamomile tea or eat something home-baked with lavender.
  • Touch: Drape a weighted or heavy blanket around your shoulders while practicing your magick.
  • Sound: Listen to meditation music or use a singing bowl. 

Manifesting Courage

  • Sight: Place a picture of a lion on your altar or carve symbols of courage into a spell candle.
  • Smell: Diffuse lavender, rose, rosemary, or thyme oil.
  • Taste: Eat or drink something with cloves or ginger in it.
  • Touch: Hold a piece of carnelian, amazonite, aventurine, lapis lazuli, or tiger’s eye in your hand while you practice your magick.
  • Sound: Listen to music that makes you feel like the incredible person you are! 

The Final Element

Lastly, remember to add a bit of emotion to your magick. Imagine what it would feel like to have the love, prosperity, peace, or courage you’re manifesting. Feel as if it’s already come to you. Close your practice out by journaling those feelings and any other impressions you received during your practice. Refer back to those notes later to see how your thoughts and emotions have become a part of your reality.

Happy manifesting!