Mother Nature’s Misfit Gemstones

Mother Nature’s Misfit Gemstones

Gemstones are formed through combining minerals, usually under conditions of extreme pressure and heat. This results in a wide variety of gemstones that range in colors across the spectrum and carry with them magickal properties corresponding to everything from imbuing a sense of calm to the room to igniting fiery passion in your lover. But some gemstones are a little different. We’re suckers for the unique and unusual, so we thought we’d highlight some of Mother Nature’s “misfit” gemstones – the ones that make you scratch your head or think, “Huh? Is that right?” 

Black Moonstone

Moonstone is a well-known gemstone that resonates with the moon and possesses feminine energy but is generally found in a milky white to light gray color. Black Moonstone is a variety of regular Moonstone and does have a lot of the same properties as the lighter variety. It can also protect its owner and clear negative energy from the auric field. Its calming energies may help bring you emotional stability as well. 

Super Seven

One gemstone is great, but what about one gemstone that is formed by seven other gemstones? Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Quartz, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, and Rutile combine to create the Super Seven gemstone. This combination of minerals seems like a random jumble of energies, but in fact, this gemstone is exceptionally powerful. Use Super Seven to balance all the chakras, open psychic channels, and reaffirm your personal power. 

Brecciated Jasper

This gemstone is a mottled stone, meaning it has spots, lines, or other patterns within it. Jaspers overall provide emotional stability and grounding to their owners. Brecciated Jasper is no different, but its additional hematite helps rid your space of negative energy and may help ease complicated workplace and personal relationships. Use this stone to assist in healing, in wealth and fortune spells, and to encourage compassion between yourself and others. 

Lemurian Crystals                       

Lemurian Crystals are believed to hail from Lemuria, an ancient land of mysticism similar to Atlantis. It is believed that the people of Lemuria programmed these quartz crystals with their infinite knowledge before their civilization perished. This programming presents itself on the surface of the Lemurian quartz in lines or striations you can see and feel on the gemstone. Lemurian Crystals are extremely high vibration crystals, often referred to as one of the “Master Crystals.” It’s commonly used in lightwork, for healing, and divine connection to your higher self, the Akashic Records, or your spirit guides. When faceted and tapered to a point at one end, they become laser wands that can be used to direct energy, be held during meditation, or be wire-wrapped to carry the Lemurian energy wherever you go. 

Mosaic Quartz         

Mosaic Quartz is another mottled stone and is a combination of Opal, Graphite, Quartz, and Orange Calcite. Found in only one mine in Brazil, Mosaic Quartz can help align all the chakras and promote harmony to your home. Use this stone to purify your space and align the mind, body, and spirit. Its Clear Quartz inclusion helps amplify the power of the other elements to create a potent gemstone. 

Snakeskin Agate

This gemstone is unique – it actually looks like snakeskin encased in stone. A variation of Agate, Snakeskin Agate is semi-translucent and comes in beautiful cream, light yellow, and beige hues. Like a snake itself, Snakeskin Agate reminds us to be strong, especially during busy or uncertain times. Use it for harmony and inner peace, or in times when you’d prefer to blend into a crowd and be less visible. 

Cat’s Eye

There are few stones like Cat’s Eye. It has a sheen to it that suggests depth that seems to go beyond the surfaces of the stone itself. It makes sense, then, that this stone is perfect for stimulating your intuition and psychic awareness. Even in its raw state, this gemstone has a distinctive ability to dispel negative energy and calm the nervous system. 

Petrified Wood

A gemstone made from wood? That’s exactly what Petrified Wood is! When sedimentary materials cover deadwood, then it can petrify. Interestingly, despite its origins, Petrified Wood is a member of the Quartz family. As you might guess, this stone is extremely grounding, and carrying it with you can help you tap into your natural patience. Use Petrified Wood for healing, protection, and past-life regression work. 

What’s your favorite misfit gemstone?