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Click Here to Bookmark our Litha Live Gemstone Sale, Now on YouTube- June 15, 2024
New Moon with Solar Eclipse in Aries – April 8, 2024

New Moon with Solar Eclipse in Aries – April 8, 2024

It’s the one everyone’s been talking about – the total solar eclipse of 2024, a time of potential activation, vitality, growth, and maybe a little chaos. Since this time last year, we’ve been experiencing eclipses across the Aries/Libra axis, which has been keeping things interesting for sure. Aries, ruled by Mars, is fiery and powerful, while Libra, ruled by Venus, strives for balance, harmony, and justice. This eclipse and New Moon challenge us to bring our boldest and bravest selves to our challenges and goals, especially if they can affect the people around us. It's a time of personal empowerment and growth, a chance to step into our potential.

New Moon with Solar Eclipse in Aries – April 8, 2024

Since eclipses stir things up and turn things upside down, you may feel the Aries push to go hard on your goals. However, you could exhaust yourself before you realize what’s happening. This energy will surround us a few days before and after the New Moon and Solar Eclipse itself. Be sure to rest and take care of yourself throughout to prevent burnout.

On the same day, we’ll be experiencing the Chiron cazimi. A cazimi happens when a planet is super close or in exact conjunction with the sun. The word comes from an Arabic one that means “as if in the heart” of the sun. When a planetary body is cazimi, the seeds for new missions, purposes, and possibilities are planted.

Chiron is considered a minor planet, but as the “wounded healer,” you may receive some powerful downloads and insights about your journey from this cazimi. Pay close attention to coincidences or signs from your guides on April 8th – you may be surprised to learn something new about yourself. Together with the solar eclipse, you’ll have the chance to understand – and claim – what you truly need to live your best life.

Eclipses are naturally chaotic and erratic, so any magick you practice on the eclipse will be affected by this energy. That said, if you’re into the chaos, have fun (safely!).

Trust yourself during this time, and don’t rush into decisions too quickly. After all, we’re still in Mercury Retrograde, so communication, relationships, and travel may be affected. Remember, this is also the time when your exes like to pop up…don’t do it, girl! Wait until after the eclipse and after Mercury goes direct to make any of those decisions.

Cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn – may experience the most impactful shifts during the New Moon and Solar Eclipse, so pay attention to your placements in those signs. The universe may have a message for you!

Here are some more sign-specific insights for the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th:

Aries Sun/Rising: Get ready for your confidence to take off! Set your most delulu goals as you plan for your immediate and long-term future.

Taurus Sun/Rising: Breathe, my friend. This eclipse may be particularly intense for you. Tune into your intuition when seeking collaborations or relationships.

Gemini Sun/Rising: You do you! You might feel like things are settling down a little bit in your social life, and that’s a good thing. Pursue a passion that’s been begging for your attention.

Cancer Sun/Rising: It’s time to heal your self-confidence. There may be an emotional wound that’s keeping you small, but now it’s time to move on from that wound. Stand up for yourself and you’ll thrive.

Leo Sun/Rising: Now’s the perfect time to learn something new! Tap into other people’s knowledge and collab on something together.

Virgo Sun/Rising: Watch out for resentment in your relationships. Speak up for yourself and your needs.

Libra Sun/Rising: If you’ve felt overwhelmed with what you’ve taken on, use this lunation to shift things around in your schedule. Release responsibilities that others can help with and refocus your attention on doing things that matter.

Scorpio Sun/Rising: Flow is coming your way, my friend! You may feel energetic and motivated. Lean into that energy and enjoy the good vibes.

Sagittarius Sun/Rising: Pull out your art supplies, outline that book you’ve been thinking about, or rearrange the living room! You’ll experience an artistic breakthrough during this eclipse. What will you create?

Capricorn Sun/Rising: Your potential for healing is about to get an uplevel. Focus on the present moment and your continued healing. Keep your journal close during the eclipse to record any insights that come your way.

Aquarius Sun/Rising: Watch out, Aquarius – this eclipse will make it even easier to speak your mind. That said, this is a great time to polish your communication skills. Indulge in your curiosity, too, as you explore new things.

Pisces Sun/Rising: This is an imaginative time for you, my friend. Keep an eye out that you don’t get too lost in the fantasy world of what could be. However, if you’re a writer or host a podcast, you may be able to communicate with more passion and emotion than usual, so that could be interesting!

Stay magickal,
Megan W.

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