Romancing the Stone: Selenite- Stone of Tranquility

Selenite- Stone of Tranquility

Polished selenite seems to bring the rays of the moon to us in physical form. It is a gift from the Goddess Selene, handed down to earth. Indeed, this angelic stone can help us connect to the higher spirit and perhaps the Goddess herself. This stone brings tranquility to any surrounding. In raw form, one can see the many striations which run the length of the stone, and all throughout. These striations are said to hold the story of all things that have ever happened. So don’t let the soft light fool you, this stone holds power and wisdom as well. 

When my thoughts are confused, when my emotions are erratic, when I need to create a safe space around me, selenite is the stone I turn to. The effect of selenite is felt almost immediately. The calm, the warmth of the stone in my palm, somehow allows me to breathe easier. Using this stone during meditation helps me cut through the internal and external turmoil and get to the root of my feelings. I also use selenite to help me connect to my higher self, my spiritual power, and to find guidance when a situation is unclear.  This tranquil stone holds so many uses, it’s no wonder I have so many lovely pieces!Selenite

Selenite is associated with the crown chakra. Due to the calming and tranquil nature, selenite makes a wonderful gift for someone whom we seek reconciliation. Wear or carry selenite to help remain level headed at a stressful work or family environment. Use selenite during meditation to help bridge the path to the Spirit, or your Spirit Guide. Be aware that as a form of gypsum it is easily scratched and prone to water damage.  

Do you own selenite?  Has it helped calm or guide you?  Let us know!


Author Bio:Romancing the Stone with JessNamaste
JessNamaste works to bring love and light to those around her.  This series, “Romancing the Stone”, is her first time sharing her knowledge and experience with the metaphysical world. JessNamaste has always spoken the language of the earth, crystals and stones.  We hope her knowledge will bring you not only information, but inspiration as well!  If you want to get to know her more through her experiences, or send her a message directly, please visit JessNamaste.