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Safe Magickal Shortcuts (and a Few to Avoid!)

Safe Magickal Shortcuts (and a Few to Avoid!)

Magick requires a certain amount of concentration and practice, but what’s a busy witch to do? There are certainly parts of your magick you never want to skip, like protection, grounding, or cleansing, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a big, elaborate process for these either. Here are some shortcuts that you can safely take without messing up your magick (and some you should avoid!).

Safe Magickal Shortcuts (and a Few to Avoid!) 

DO: Shortcut Protection 

Surprisingly, shortcutting protection is a great way to save time on the regular. You can use your finger instead of a wand to draw a circle of protection around yourself before starting a spell. In most cases, a simple sprinkling of salt at your swept-clean doorways is just as effective as a more complicated blend of salt and herbs. Look for ways to make your protection work quicker, but don’t skip it!


DON’T: Shortcut Intent 

Never just summarize your intent. Your spell either won’t work at all, or you’ll end up with unexpected consequences. As I’ve written before, a spell for money attraction could lead you to a costly car accident that comes with a hefty cash settlement in your favor. It’s not the safest (or most pleasant) way to attract more money.


DO: Substitute These Ingredients for Others 

A lack of supplies should never dissuade you from practicing magick. Use a white candle in place of other colors. Tap water can be blessed and added to a spell, just like moon water. White table salt works in place of any other variety, and olive oil makes an easy carrier oil. Rosemary can serve as a substitute for any herb, and a charged clear quartz will do in the place of any crystal. Remember, you’re the magick. Supplies just help you focus it.


DO: Pull One Card Instead of a Whole Spread 

When you don’t have time to spread out an entire Celtic Cross, just pull one Tarot or oracle card. Come to the deck with the intent to choose a card that has a message that you need for the day. Then shuffle as you normally would and intuitively pull a card. Consider it for a bit, or place it on your altar or desk to reference throughout the day. You can also pull a couple more cards for more insight if you want to, but sometimes a single card can bring you all the inspiration you need.


DON’T: Shortcut Your Effort 

Just as you don’t want to shortcut your intent, don’t shortcut the effort and energy you put into your magick. If you’re just not feeling it at the moment, it’s better to wait and cast your spell later when you have the energy and focus on doing so. Remember, it doesn’t have to be an elaborate practice, but it does need the right energy.


DO: Take Epsom Salt Baths 

Yes, elaborate bath rituals are beautiful and make for lovely Instagram photos, but who has the time? Certainly not this witch. A simple bag of Epsom salt under my counter has saved me on more than one occasion when I need to release spiritual gunk or just wash my cares away. Add lavender essential oil to the bathwater, and you’ll be blissed out in no time. I’ve heard several people say a salt bath is one of the most important tools for witches, and I believe it.


DO: Use Cleansing Sprays 

I love cleansing sprays and keep three different bottles within reach throughout most of the day. It’s so easy to give them a little shake and then spritz myself with these delicious sprays. It’s a fast – and smoke-free – way to cleanse your energy or space without you having to go into a full cleansing ritual.


DON’T: Underestimate Your Own Power 

Okay, this one isn’t a shortcut, but more of a reminder not to shortchange yourself. You are magickal. You are powerful. Your words are potent. Your energy is incredible. Don’t underestimate your own power or your own ability to create the magickal life you desire.

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