Spells and Enchantments 101

Spells and Enchantments 101

Magickal living encompasses all facets of life, from work to relationships, family to abundance. Sometimes, you work with spells; sometimes, you want to enchant a piece of jewelry or protect your car before going on a road trip. But what’s the difference between spells and enchantments? Is there a difference? Let’s dive in.

What are Spells?

We talk a lot about spells here at IGC, whether we include one in our monthly IGC Boxes, or you’ve purchased a spell kit for a specific intention. Spells have three main components: ritual (even if it’s short), ingredients/tools, and magick words.

Magick words have been a part of our collective cultures for thousands of years, varying across time and space. Some of the more familiar ones include Abracadabra and Hocus Pocus. Some magick words, or rather incantations, were used to banish demons. Others were used to coax a snake from a hiding place by snake charmers or served as protection on the battlefield. My favorite is the Fairy Godmother’s “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!”

We create a spell through a combination of ritual, spell ingredients or tools, and magick words. Your words don’t have to rhyme, we just like them that way here at IGC. Your spell crafting can be elaborate or quick – between work and dinner time – if that’s when you have time. Remember, YOU are the magick. 

What are Enchantments?

All enchantments are spells, but not all spells are enchantments. You can enchant a piece of jewelry for glamour magick or your front door to protect the home from unwanted guests. You’ll use some sort of spell or ritual to do this, even if the spell is a simple one-line intention you speak in your mind.

The word “enchant” comes from the Latin word “incantare” – you can tell the word “incantation” also comes from this Latin term – and means to consecrate with spells.

Enchantments can also extend to creating charms and talismans for protection, fertility, abundance, and beyond. 

How to Enchant Items

The easiest way to enchant an item is to set your space with intention, hold the item in your dominant hand, and speak your intention or spell over it. Imagine that power and intention infusing into the physical elements of the item. While you can take a more elaborate approach to enchantments, I find this is the one that’s most compatible with a Busy Witch lifestyle!

When you’re not wearing or carrying the item, place it on or near a piece of selenite to cleanse it of negative energy between uses. 

Happy spell casting & enchanting!