• Banish that B*tch! Banishing Spells for When You Need Them

    Banish that B*tch! Banishing Spells for When You Need Them

    Okay, we’re busy witches around here, and what we do not have time for is people messing with us, our families, our jobs, or whatever is important to us. So, when you need to practice a little banishing magick, here are a few ideas on how and when it’s best to do them.
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  • Types of Spells

    Types of Spells

    Candle magick, ritual baths, and herbal spells are familiar to most of us in the magickal community, so let’s examine some spells that use a container as part of the casting process. Hopefully one or more will be new for you and will enhance your practice!

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  • Embracing Your Dirty Witch Side

    Embracing Your Dirty Witch Side

    Let’s talk about self-care. Sometimes self-care is giving yourself a break. And sometimes self-care is freezing a bitch in an ice spell. Yep, that’s right – sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to be a little bit of a dirty witch. But first, what is a dirty witch? Keep reading!

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  • Using Skulls in Magick for Protection

    Using Skulls in Magick for Protection

    Skulls can be controversial in magick. They serve as grim reminders of our mortality. Pirates used to use them on their flags to inspire fear in others. However, skulls can also be used in magick as protective objects…and maybe a bit of a warning not to eff with the witch using them!

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  • Ancient Protection Magick

    Ancient Protection Magick

    As any experienced witch will tell you, protection magick is essential to one’s spiritual, mental, and sometimes physical health. Protection magick is one of the oldest forms of magick, and we see it in the modern day across cultures and religions. Let's dive into some ancient protection magickal practices!
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