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Our mid-June product launch is Saturday, June 22nd at 9 am PT!
Using Skulls in Magick for Protection

Using Skulls in Magick for Protection

Skulls can be controversial in magick. They serve as grim reminders of our mortality. Pirates used to use them on their flags to inspire fear in others. However, skulls can also be used in magick as protective objects…and maybe a bit of a warning not to eff with the witch using them!

Using Skulls in Magick for Protection

Carved Skull Gemstones

Skull carvings are great for distance healing and protection. They can be programmed for a particular person, and then the energy of that crystal is directed toward them. One of the benefits of using gemstone skulls in your magick is that skulls amplify the power of your intention. This makes them excellent tools for rituals or spellwork to help you focus your thoughts and manifest action.

Skull-Shaped Jars

The shape of a jar can infuse the contents with more intention and power. For example, a heart-shaped bottle that holds herbs for love gives those herbs a little boost of romance. The same happens when you place protective herbs in a skull-shaped jar. It definitely gives the mixture a vibe of “don’t come closer,” which can only help when you cast a protective spell using the mix.

Bonus: You’re not likely to mistake the herb mix for another purpose!

Skull Altar Imagery

The Ancient Egyptians and Mayans used crystal skulls and skull carvings for thousands of years as objects of healing, guidance, divination, and protection. An image of a skull on your altar can help you focus your intention and manifest your protective magick even more. I will tell you from personal experience that having a skull on your altar will dissuade anyone from touching things around it!

Skulls for Home Protection

In the Southwest, it’s pretty common to see animal skulls displayed in home décor. The roots of this practice are in protective magick, serving as a warning to strangers and guests who enter to stick to good behavior. The cool thing is you don’t have to have real bones in your home if you don’t want them. Any skull imagery gives a foreboding vibe, serving as a little warning sign for anyone looking to cause trouble. If you have a skull on display, you can also dissuade certain spiritual vibes from hanging out in your home.

Do you use skulls in your magick for protection?

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