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Tap into Summer Solstice's Fiery Energy for Motivation, Positivity, & Love

Tap into Summer Solstice’s Fiery Energy for Motivation, Positivity, and Love

Long, hot, sultry summer days are upon us, and June is prime time to practice fire magick. Whether you’re seeking extra motivation, want to banish negativity, or just indulge your more sensual side, fire energy boosts passionate spellwork. At the summer solstice, this energy is particularly strong. 

~Summer Solstice~Tap into Summer Solstice's Fiery Energy for Motivation, Positivity, & Love

The summer solstice heralds the first day of summer (for 2019, that’s Friday, June 21st at 11:54 am EDT). The word “solstice” comes from a combination of Latin words, “sol” for sun and “sistere,” which means to stand still. As the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere – and the shortest in the southern hemisphere – the sun does seem to stand still as we bask in its warmth and celebrate the coming of longer, hotter days.

The ancient Egyptians celebrated their new year at the solstice as it coincided with the rising of the Nile. In Ireland, people cut hazel branches on the evening before the solstice to search for gold, water, and other treasures. Even to this day, solstice celebrations are held at Stonehenge and other locations – some celebrations include bonfires like at Beltane.

Take this time to honor Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of Fire and Inspiration. She’s associated with the Fire of Life, vitality, creativity, and motivation. If you have an affinity for animal magick, predatory animals like the fox, tiger, lion, and creatures like the Phoenix and dragons are associated with fire.

~Fire Elemental Energy~

Fire is one of the natural and spiritual elements, and elemental magick teaches us that the four elements can provide different types of power. Air, for example, has projective energy and is useful in rituals before travel or in spells for finding lost items. The Earth element is receptive, grounding, and associated with fertility. Water is also receptive, associated with the west, and used for purifying rituals.

Fire elemental energy – like flames themselves – is both destructive and creative. Like Air, it’s projective, but it should be used with great care as its destructive potential could mean trouble in your spellwork if it gets out of hand.

Fire is especially useful in sex and love spells, when inviting in courage, harnessing your personal strength, or in removing negativity. Your candles, incense, and smudge herbs are perfect for using fire magick in your practice. Be sure to use your athame in rituals to channel fire energy.

~How To Balance Fire Energy~

In Feng Shui, fire is one of five elements along with water, metal, wood, and earth. It’s typically associated with the south part of your home, so this might be a good place for working with fire energy. To bring this energy to yourself, dress in red or orange, or carry your favorite carnelian or mookaite with you for the day. Feeling too fiery? Balance it out with some water, either literally by taking a bath or drinking fresh water, or in the form of crystals or colors.

Using fire energy in your magick can bring a powerful, vibrant element to your magick, but be sure to look for other grounding ways of using this energy. A dancing flame can be a comforting sight, and incense can bring a sense of calmness to meditation and prayer. How do you use fire energy in your magickal life?


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