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Uncommon Magickal Herbs for Witches

Uncommon Magickal Herbs for Witches

Rosemary, lavender, chamomile, and mint: Most witches have these herbs at the ready for whatever they may need. However, what about some of the more uncommon herbs and their magickal properties? Here are some of my favorite, less-common herbs for spells and around the home.

Uncommon Magickal Herbs for Witches


The hawthorn tree possesses powerful masculine energy. The leaves and berries are perfect for a confidence boost or to add some power to your spell. Hawthorns were once believed to be witches who had transformed themselves into trees. It can be used alternatively for fertility or to maintain celibacy, depending on your choice. It’s also said to protect a home against lightning strikes and evil ghosts.


A pecan in your pocket may help you enjoy more success at work. If you’re concerned about keeping your job, then a pecan pie might be just the solution! You can also use pecan shells in your spells and spell bags.

Spanish Moss

If you live in the South, grab some Spanish moss next time you’re out in nature. Use it in your home for protection or add it to protection pouches and poppets. This type of moss dries beautifully, so just add some to a bowl and allow it to dry out on its own.


Moringa is sometimes called the Tree of Life and helps build a heightened state of spirituality. It can also help boost your courage, strength, and beauty. Use it to dress candles for protection, health, or courage, or in your spells for a magickal boost.


Pennyroyal is wonderful for prosperity. If you have a physical business, place a sprig of pennyroyal over your front door to draw customers to your door. It’s also said if you place it in your shoe, it will prevent weariness while you travel. It can also be worn to ward off the evil eye.

Sweet Annie

When burned as incense, Sweet Annie can help repair the relationship between a friend or loved one. Use it in cleansing and purification spells too.


Papaya twigs hung over your entry help ward the home of evil, while eating the papaya fruit intensifies feelings of love. If you happen to have a papaya tree in your yard, tie a rag or ribbon around a limb and visualize your need. It may come to you!


A dried thistle is a powerful talisman for strength and developing your emotional resilience. You can also place a bowl of thistles in a room where you’d like to raise the spirits of those who enter. When grown in your garden, thistles are said to protect the home from thieves.

Solomon’s Seal

This herb is wonderful for cleansing. In fact, its historical uses include use in exorcisms. Place it in the four quarters of your home for some powerful protection.

As always, remember you are the magick. Please use care when practicing with herbs and do your research to prevent accidents or interactions with any prescription medication you may be on. We’re witches – not doctors!

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