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Warming Up with Winter Magick

Warming Up with Winter Magick

Each season brings with it a unique energy. You’ve probably felt it for yourself. Maybe you’re more energized in the spring, or slower in summer’s languid heat. Winter is often when we most want to cozy up with a fluffy blanket, huddle by the fire, and embrace warmth in all its forms. Here are some interesting ideas for doing just that.

 Warming Up with Winter Magick

Snow Magick

If you live in a place that sees snow in winter, there are several ways to use snow in your practice. Snow water (melted snow) is purifying and makes for a great start to moon water. If you have water-safe crystals, cleansing them in the snow for a couple of minutes can charge them with the energy of the snow. Work with snow’s natural process of melting to melt away negative energy or anything else you want to shed. You can also draw protective sigils in the snow around your home or in the frost on your glass. When the snow melts, the magick remains.


Winter Storm Magick

Storm magick can be intense! Use water gathered during an ice storm or winter thunderstorm to add a boost to your magick. Storms can carry volatile energy with them, though, so better not use it in any of your Trickster magick. However, if you’re wanting to shake things up, casting spells during winter storms can reveal what you truly need (though it may not be what you want).


Healing Magick

Cold and flu season is in full swing during wintertime (not to mention COVID!). While we are not doctors, and don’t claim that the following herbs will prevent or cure a disease, we do recommend them for infusing your home with healing magick to support you. Here’s what we like to have on hand:

  • Garden Sage: You can use this kind of sage to smoke cleanse your home without worrying about where your sage is sourced from. Garden sage is also the type you use in your kitchen so keeping it stocked in your pantry can help bring protection, wisdom, and good luck to your meals too.
  • Rosemary: Use rosemary in your cooking or burn a bundle of it for cleansing, healing, and love.
  • Chamomile: Chamomile is extremely healing and may even help with seasonal allergies (as long as you’re not allergic to ragweed…it can make them worse!). Chamomile is also very calming, and stress relief has been shown to aid in healing.
  • Peppermint: As an oil, tea, or herb, peppermint can help you boost your vibes and may help clear your sinuses a bit! Just be sure to dilute the oil if you use it on your skin…it can burn.
  • Rose: Feeling stressed? Use some rose oil or whole roses in your practice. Even some rose water added to your bath can help you feel calm and safe at home, and keeps the healing, protective energy flowing.


Hygge Magick

Pronounced hyoo-guh, hygge is the Danish art of living cozily. It encourages us to live a little slower and what better season than winter for a little slower living? Another way to translate hygge is the art of creating intimacy. It’s a mix of comfort, warmth, family, and rest. Knitting a blanket with positive intentions, indulging in your desire to create magick in the kitchen, and working on your grimoire are a few ideas for embracing the spirit of hygge.


Sex Magick

And while we’re on the subject of creating intimacy, winter is a great time to practice some sex magick! Use that energy – you know the energy I mean – and channel it into your intentions or just to relieve some stress. Creating a sacred space for yourself and/or your partner can help you focus on the connection between the two of you. And remember, we all have masculine and feminine energy, so don’t feel like you can’t tap into these vibes if you’re not in a male/female partnership. Have a conversation about your experience before you start and set intentions together. Then just follow your feelings and intuition! 

As always, the magick is in you, so use this season as inspiration to try something new in your practice.

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