What Is Visionary Magick?

What Is Visionary Magick?

Reading tea leaves, tracking the stars, and drawing cards are just a few of the ways you can practice divination magick. Sometimes, these practices are called “visionary magick” for obvious reasons – they help you see what may not be immediately apparent. But here at Inked Goddess Creations, visionary magick is a bit different. We practice visionary magick as an active magick, which uses the power of manifestation to create the reality we want. 

The key to visionary magick is to be specific in your intention and focus. So, while the methods we suggest for practicing visionary magick may feel familiar, they’re more focused than you may have practiced them before. The idea behind visionary magick is to envision your intentions and goals so vividly, adding pure emotion behind them, that a clear pathway is formed for the energy to flow toward. The more ways you can envision achieving your goals, and how you will look, feel, think, and be, when you do achieve those goals, the more energy goes into manifesting them. That's Visionary Magick. 

Activating All Six Senses for Visionary Magick

The best way to perform visionary magick is to activate all six senses when you perform a spell, ritual, or when making your witchy vision boards (more on that below). You want to include something in your spell or ritual that appeals to all six senses of the goal you are wishing to achieve:

  1. Touch- Hold an item that represents the goal you want to achieve. For example, if your goal is to eventually own your very own yoga studio, buy a random blank key from the hardware store and put the intention into that key that one day, that key will be the key to your yoga studio. Hold that key in your hands during your ritual, envisioning that key one day opening the door to your very own yoga space. 
  2. Taste- Have a food or drink ready to consume that resonates with the goal you are wishing to achieve. For example, if a healing intention is needed, taking a bite of chicken noodle soup or a fresh orange can help add healing energy to your spell, even if you are doing a healing spell for someone else. 
  3. Smell- Have incense burning that resonates with your intention, or have a smell that represents that intention. For example, rose is often associated with love, so burning rose oil or incense can help add that energy to your spell.
  4. Sight- Have pictures or objects visible on your altar or in your sacred space to represent your intention.
  5. Sound- Have music or sounds playing that resonate with your intention. Manifesting your perfect vacation at the beach? Play ocean waves during your manifestation ritual.
  6. Third Eye- Clearly visualize in your mind's eye your intention becoming a reality. Feel emotion with it. Laugh. Cry. As you activate your Third Eye, give it as much energy to make your vision a reality.

The more senses you are able to activate during your spell or ritual, the more energy that is added to your intentions, helping them to manifest. 

Witchy Vision Boards

One of the best ways to practice visionary magick is to create something physical to help you visualize it. A witchy vision board can help you do just that. You’re likely familiar with vision boards – they’re tools created to help direct your focus toward your goals. Unlike some of the monetary goals found on most vision boards, a witchy vision board is a little different – although it would be nice to take an expensive vacation, too! 

Think of witchy vision boards as precise tools of intention. So, you may have small vision boards for specific purposes or people. For instance, a vision board for a loved one’s health might look vastly different than a vision board for a work project. Like spells, your witchy vision board should be specific and direct. Just as with candle dressing, though, feel free to get creative with your witchy vision board. If it’s pleasing to the eye, you’ll be more likely to look at it often. 

What makes witchy vision boards slightly different than regular vision boards is the magickal energy and intent that you infuse into your witchy vision board. Many witchy vision boards contain spells written directly onto them, or infuse things like runes, personal power sigils, and power symbols into them to help manifest your intentions. Think of a witchy vision board as a visual spell for your intention. Post inspirational sayings, pictures, emotional words, etc of how you will look, feel, and be once you have achieved that goal. Use colors for each board that reflect the type of energy you want to draw. The more tangible you can make your spell, the more energy that will be added to it!

If keeping a witchy vision board out and visible is not possible for you, keeping a visionary journal, in a scrapbook style with clippings, pictures, motivational messages, etc, is definitely a way to practice visionary magick on a close, personal level. 

Candles and Visionary Magick

You can put visionary magick to work for you with the help of candles. Infuse the candle with your intention as you dress it in oils and herbs. Carve a sigil into the side of the candle or decorate it with symbols that are meaningful to your practice. Feel free to get creative with your candle dressing! This is your time to tap into your artistic side, too. As you light your candle, imagine the flame igniting your intention. 

Sit with the candle for as long as you’d like. Focus on your vision, and pay close attention to any thoughts you might have while watching your candle burn. When you’re finished with your work, extinguish the flame safely with a candle snuffer or wet fingertips, so you don’t blow your vision away. As always, please use caution when practicing candle magick to prevent injury or a fire — dressed candles may burn hotter or spark with the addition of herbs and oils. 

Visionary Magick Through Meditation

Visionary magick can also be accessed during your meditation time. Use meditation to help you visualize the energy you want to manifest for your life. You might want to focus on courage, abundance, compassion, love, gratitude, peace, or another form of energy. Give that energy as many descriptive qualities as possible: a color, smell, taste, sound, or texture. Infuse your chosen energy with those qualities to give them even more life. For instance, you may see compassion as a beautiful pink light that feels soft and warm. 

Then, imagine drawing the energy to yourself first before sending it out to the person, thing, or event you want to work with. In this example, you would want to imagine the pink, warm light filling your heart first before visualizing that soft light spreading to your loved ones or your community. As with any meditation, make the session your own. Stay in meditation until you feel the manifestation has been set in motion. 

No matter how you choose to connect with your inner magick to turn your vision into reality, repetition, concentration, and firm intentions will help. Do you like to practice visionary magick? Pop over to our Facebook group and tell us about it!