12 Deities and Magickal Creatures of Summer

12 Deities and Magickal Creatures of Summer

The fiery, masculine energy of summer is perfect for creation, creativity, and new beginnings. Whether you’re hitting the road for a beach vacation, growing your own produce, or looking to master a new skill, these deities and magickal creatures are wonderful allies for summer.


As the Celtic goddess of the sun, fertility, and cattle, Áine brings with her the abundance and power of summer. Her name means joy and brightness, and it is said that she gave the gift of grain to the Irish people. Áine can help you with your agricultural pursuits, such as your backyard garden, as well as banishment work. Call on Áine to help with love magick, to encourage happiness, growth, empathy, or fertility. 


Apollo is the Greek god of the sun, medicine, music, and prophecy. A multi-faceted deity, Apollo can be called on to help with issues of communication, forgiveness, strength, success, and justice. Apollo can also help with magick related to solar energy, sensuality, and divination.

Daghda/The Dagda

As the leader of the Tuatha de Danann, Daghda is the Irish father god. He represents life and death, illumination, justice, abundance, wisdom, rebirth, and sexuality. Call on Daghda for help learning challenging skills or when strengthening your mental power.


Damia is a minor goddess and a horae (a Greek goddess for the hours and seasons). Damia is a goddess of the fertile earth, making her a symbol of the harvest. It’s said that when the people of Epidaurus couldn’t grow any food, the oracle at Delphi instructed them to build statues to Damia and Auxesia, the horae of growth and one of the graces, out of olive wood. The people of Epidaurus asked the Athenians for olive wood, and they gave them the trees needed on the condition that the people of Epidaurus pay tribute to Athena and the king of Athens, Erechtheus, every year. They agreed and built the statues, after which time, their crops began to grow. Ask Damia for help in growing your own crops in preparation for the fall harvest.


Dragons resonate with summer for their fiery personalities. The dragon appears everywhere from Viking, Mesopotamian, French, Greek, and Norse mythology to the Hebrew Bible, and Chinese folklore. Call on the dragon when you need help with balance, overcoming challenges, or protection. The dragon can also bridge the divide between our world and the underworld and may help you with shamanic work.


The feng-huang is sometimes referred to as the Chinese Phoenix and represents spiritual balance and summertime. When the feng-huang appears, it’s said that a great event is also occurring – for instance, they’re heralds of a great leader. The feng-huang also represents the unity of the divine male and female: feng is male and huang is female. Look to the feng-huang when you seek balance.


Freyr is the Norse god of fertility and the patron of married couples. He’s also the brother of Freya. When facing a new beginning – whether it’s a marriage, a new job, or moving to a new city – call on Freyr for guidance and protection. He’s also a wonderful god to work with when traveling, in times of bad weather, or when you’re looking for happiness, fertility, and pleasure.


As the Egyptian goddess of the sky, Hathor is also the goddess of love, joy, and the sun. Often called the “Mother of the Sun,” Hathor wears a headdress with a large solar disk upon it. Call on Hathor for support in understanding the afterlife and death, or look to her for protection, power, and strength. Her other strengths include healing, fertility, and community.


Lugh is a warrior king and a member of the Tuatha De Danann. His celebration is Lughnasadh, which marks the beginning of the harvest season on August 1, when summer is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere. Call on Lugh for help with mastering a new skill or artistic pursuit. He’s also a helpful ally when looking for the truth or seeking justice. 


Mermaids have origins in several cultures around the world, including the people of Ireland, Scotland, and even Native Americans. Many stories tell of mermaids luring sailors to their deaths, but if caught, a mermaid can grant wishes. Be careful, though, as their wishes are often granted in dangerous and tricky ways. Mermaid magick can be performed to help one connect to the element of water and the ocean, and mermaids can be called upon to assist in spells and rituals dealing with reclaiming your personal power, sexuality, in beauty spells, moon magick, and rituals to help you go with the flow of life.


While the phoenix has legends in many different cultures such as Greek mythology, and Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Native American folklore, the concept of the phoenix as we know it today originated in Ancient Egypt. The Bennu was a bird sacred to gods Osiris and Ra. It was said that Bennu was born of the ancient mud that created life. Every 500 years, the Bennu burned itself to death. Three days later, the Bennu rose from the ashes, born again. The phoenix can be called upon when you need to undergo a personal transformation. The phoenix can also help remind you that if the world around you is being destroyed, there is hope that you will emerge stronger than ever on the other side.


Ra is the Egyptian god of the sun and king of the gods. His influence is beneficial with issues concerning agriculture, new beginnings, the cycles of life and death, fertility, the underworld, and rebirth and renewal.