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6 Warrior Deities to Call on for Strength & Compassion

6 Warrior Deities to Call on for Strength & Compassion

Some of the most interesting deities throughout history and myth are the gods of war. You’re probably already familiar with most of the big ones. But what about the softer, stronger, more sustainable side of being a Spiritual Warrior? What deities support those goals? Gods like Ares and Thor are powerful and certainly provide numerous benefits to those who work with them, while other deities offer the virtues of compassion, wisdom, and protection to those who choose to work with them. Let’s explore some of them!

 6 Warrior Deities to Call on for Strength & Compassion


Well-known as the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare, Athena is also a wonderful deity to work with for courage, strength, skill, and strategy. Consider creating a witchy vision board for all the bold things you want to do in your life while working with Athena, as she’s also the Goddess of Arts and Crafts. The practice can help you manifest the results you seek. Check out our tips here


Bast is the Egyptian Goddess of Warfare, but like Athena, she’s about more than just combat. She is also known as the Cat Goddess, and protects homes, children, and mothers. She represents feminine power, strength, and sensuality. Work with Bast when you want to embrace your strong feminine side – the side that can be unapologetically kind. 


Like his mother, Bast, Maahes is an Egyptian God associated with protection and war. His name means “he who is true beside her,” and he is depicted as the lion-headed god in Egyptian art. Maahes often carries a bouquet of lotus flowers along with a knife. Some stories say that Maahes is the son of another cat goddess, Sekhmet, but his characteristics remain the same. He was often referred to as “The Lord of the Massacre,” by Ancient Egyptians, but he isn’t evil. Instead, he avenges those who were wronged and became known as “The Kindly One.” Work with him when you need more kindness and fairness in your heart.


As the Old Norse God of Justice and Honor, Tyr reminds us to treat others with fairness, as he does. Tyr is wise, daring, and possesses a strong heart. Call upon Tyr when you make contracts of both the sacred and the mundane nature. You may find him to be a helpful ally when facing a difficult conversation or a new circumstance. 

The Morrigan

The shape-shifting Celtic Goddess of War, Fate, and Death is a powerful deity to call on when you need protection or inspiration. One of the more mysterious goddesses, the Morrigan, can help us remember the balance in all things, as she is also a Goddess of Life and Birth, seeing all and knowing all – even the end of the world. She is an old goddess and complex goddess, so be very specific about the kind of work you choose to do with her. 

Quan Yin

During trying times – especially when compassion is needed – call on Quan Yin, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. She is sometimes portrayed pouring the nectar of compassion and wisdom from a sacred vessel. In a similar sense, working with Quan Yin can help you look at a challenging situation with love and kindness. Quan Yin protects her children and hears the prayers of those who seek comfort, so call on her when you need a little extra love and protection before moving forward on your courageous path. 

Compassion, courage, mindfulness, kindness, and protection are core values of walking the Spiritual Warrior’s path. We hope these deities will inspire and help guide you on that journey. 




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