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Click Here to Bookmark our Litha Live Gemstone Sale, Now on YouTube- June 15, 2024
Gemstones for Mabon Grounding & Balance

Gemstones for Mabon Grounding & Balance

The second harvest sabbat of the year coincides with the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Since it falls on the Equinox, Mabon’s day and night are of equal length. This perfectly balanced day signals the move into the darker part of the year but reminds us of the duality of ourselves and nature. Gemstones for Mabon Grounding & Balance

Mabon is a celebration, and it’s also a moment of rest – the second harvest has come in, so all of your hard work from the first part of the year is really starting to pay off. If you’re a green witch, your garden is likely in overdrive for a last growth spurt for the year. Mabon holds its own symbolism, so we decided to focus on providing you with gemstones that can aid in the balance that Mabon encourages. Here’s a quick guide of some of our favorite gemstones for centering, balance, and grounding as we move into autumn. 


Hematite is among the most powerful grounding gemstones available. It clears and activates the root chakra and helps anchor you when you need it the most. Hematite’s shiny quality has always fascinated humans, and reminds us of the stars above – what a wonderful reminder as we move into the shadowy part of the year! Much like the duality that comes with Mabon, Hematite is both stimulating and grounding. It’s believed to strengthen the body and nervous system, while at the same time, it can help clear negative feelings, anxiety, stress, and worry. 

Black Tourmaline

Around 95% of Tourmaline stones found in nature are Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is primarily a protection stone and has been used for centuries for protection during rituals and spellcasting. Along with its protective properties, it will also help keep you grounded and align all of the chakras. It’s a must-have for empaths. Since black is the absorption of all color, Black Tourmaline can work along the entire color – and chakra – spectrum, bringing balance to each chakra. 


Also known as Moon Quartz, Girasol is a gentle, beautiful stone with a milky white quality that’s reminiscent of Moonstone. “Girasol” is Italian for “turn toward the sun,” which is appropriate for Mabon, and it may also help you see the bright spots in your day. The stone can help solidify feelings, especially the feelings around love. Use Girasol to help vocalize your thoughts, improve your communication, and center your mind. Physically, the gemstone may help balance your immune system and fight chronic fatigue – just be sure to always consult your healthcare provider if you have these or other health concerns. 

Lavender Aura Quartz

This gemstone is an interesting combination of nature and human influence. Lavender Aura Quartz begins as a Clear Quartz that is then bonded with platinum and magnesium, which give it its purple hue. Although treated with these minerals, the stone itself is not dyed. The minerals are bonded to the original stone and change its metaphysical properties. The result is enhanced energy. In this case, Lavender Aura Quartz is an extremely powerful healing stone. It can also amplify and regulate energies. Use it to bring balance to your physical and mental bodies as it stimulates the chakras and the immune system. 

Peach Moonstone

Ranging from tan to a light peach or pink, Peach Moonstone shares many of the same qualities of the other Moonstone varieties, with the added benefit of joining the heart and solar plexus chakras. This gemstone can help bridge the connections between our inner spirit and the outside world. It also helps stimulate your creative energies, helping to inspire you to discover new hobbies. Carry Peach Moonstone with you if you struggle with feelings of self-love. It’s also a beautiful addition to your autumn altar, as it captures the colors of the season. 


Septarian is often called Dragon Stone and is a combination of Aragonite, Limestone, and Calcite. Each of these three stones gives Septarian its triple color combination of brown, gray, and yellow. Septarian is incredibly grounding and helps you connect with the energy of Mother Earth. It resonates with and activates the root chakra, which helps connect you even more with the Earth. This intense grounding may lead you to experience a heightened awakening to your inner world, behavior patterns, and emotions. Carry it with you to balance these parts of yourself and protect the aura from negative influences. 


According to legend, Viking navigators used thin slices of Iolite as filters to find the sun on cloudy, overcast days. Violet-blue in color, the stone resonates with the third eye and helps promote psychic vision. It’s also a powerful stone for finding your balance again, especially if you find that you lack motivation, or you’re distracted and disorganized. It’s really the perfect stone for 2020 if we’re being honest. Iolite also resonates with dusk, that last little bit of light before the darkness. Use it for invoking your muse, inspiring your creativity, and for connecting with your past lives. 

Caribbean Calcite

Often called Caribbean Blue Calcite, this stone was only recently found in Pakistan, not the Caribbean. The stone is a combination of Blue Calcite and Aragonite. It features tiny crevices and holes, making it look otherworldly. As a blue stone, Caribbean Calcite resonates with the third eye and crown chakras and can help channel your psychic abilities. It’s a wonderful stone for grounding during meditation and may help you tune into your higher chakras and the Universe beyond. 

We hope that these gemstones help create a beautiful, grounding atmosphere as we look forward to Mabon and the autumn season.



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