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Busy Witch Hacks from the IGC Witches

Busy Witch Hacks from the IGC Witches

If you’re a busy witch like we are here at Inked Goddess Creations, you like to practice magick quickly and effectively whenever possible. To help you do that, we put our heads together and came up with all the ways we use short cuts in our practice and bring more magick to our days.

Busy Witch Hacks from the IGC Witches 

Setting Intentions 

Speak intentions for positive communications into your toothpaste before brushing your teeth. ~ Ashley 

I like to stir intentions into my coffee. Basic, I know, but it works! ~ Megan


Casting a Circle 

Your finger can be used as a wand to create a protective circle before a ritual, or to direct energy toward a certain intent. ~ Morgan 

Anytime I feel overwhelmed, I envision a bubble of light around me that negative vibes can’t penetrate. With enough practice, it doesn’t take much thought at all to visualize this protective bubble. ~ Megan


Cleaning & Clearing Hacks 

Make a quick cleaning spray of vinegar and water. Add a few drops of essential oils for added intention. Wipe up spills and small messes with it to bless the area and prevent future accidents. ~ Ashley 

Keeping a chunk of Pink Himalayan Salt inside your Tarot bag helps keep your deck cleansed in between readings. ~ Morgan 

Cleansing sprays are a must-have for me and my home. I’ll spray myself down after an intense work call or use it to clear the space around me. Sometimes smoke cleanses just aren’t practical, and sprays really do work well in a pinch. ~ Megan


Protection Magick 

Hang bells around your home to ring and raise vibrations and ward off negative energy. ~ Ashley 

Like Ashley, I love bells everywhere. We have a leather strap with sleigh bells on it from a few Yules/Christmases ago that I hung on the front doorknob at the time and just never removed. I love that it clears the air every time someone enters or leaves. I have at least one set of windchimes outside at any given time at both the front and back doors of my home. ~ Angela 

I have a Black Tourmaline chunk hung on the headboard above my pillow, so I get that negativity-clearing mojo while I sleep. It helps clear emotional gunk out while I nap after running errands and dealing with Real People for the day too! ~ Angela


Tech Magick

I have three different apps on my phone that are all magickal in nature: one each for astrology, Tarot, and the moon cycles. I have the astrology app set to send me daily notifications, so I get a little boost of celestial magick each day without having to think about it! I also have a Tarot planner on my iPad. ~ Megan


Crystal Magick Hacks 

I have an assortment of inspiration/creativity/focus crystals at my desk, where I do most of my work. When I find myself getting lost or distracted, I can pick up whichever is calling to me at the moment to help get me back on track. ~ Angela 

Quickly select crystals that you’re immediately drawn to and carry them with you throughout your day. You can also close your eyes and draw from your crystal collection. Look up their meanings during your downtime and make connections in your day about how each one has supported you. ~ Ashley 

I keep Selenite on my altar. As soon as a new magickal tool arrives in the mail, it goes on my Selenite plate to clear it…just in case! ~ Megan


Color Magick 

Color is the easiest way to incorporate magick into anything. Wear green to a job interview for prosperity. Cover someone who is sick in a blue blanket for healing. Meditate with purple stones to help open your third eye. You can use color for its metaphysical properties in any situation. ~ Morgan


Kitchen Witch Hacks 

I won’t claim to be the kitchen witch that some of my magickal sisters here are, but I like to intuitively pick spices when I’m cooking dinner and decide on my intention for them for that dish. For instance, I may choose to add cumin for grounding (instead of its intended uses for protection, lust, or peace) and the dish feels grounding when I serve it. ~ Megan 

Remember, you are the magick, so no matter what supplies you have on hand, you can create a magickal experience any time. What are some of your favorite busy witch hacks?

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