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Our mid-June product launch is Saturday, June 22nd at 9 am PT!
Our mid-June product launch is Saturday, June 22nd at 9 am PT!
Getting Started with Fairy Magick

Getting Started with Fairy Magick

It’s all too easy to feel disconnected from nature. Whether you live in a house with a full yard or a high-rise apartment, for most of us, there’s just so much…stuff everywhere! Getting into the woods or near a water source can be difficult, so if you find yourself craving nature, you’re not alone. Fairy magick might be the perfect new practice for you.

Getting Started with Fairy Magick

Call On Fairies For Help With These Concerns

  • Magick of the earth, including blessing your garden, protecting animals – or receiving protection from them – and general care for nature.
  • Restoring balance after a fire or natural disaster. Fairies love it when nature is in balance, so they’ll be eager to help you out in this pursuit.
  • Protection during dangerous weather. Calling on your fairy friends during a tornado warning, a heavy snowstorm, or any hazardous weather may help protect you and your home from significant damage.
  • Grounding and centering. You can ask fairies to bless you on your walk through the nearby park. You can also look to them for inspiration in connecting with Mother Earth.
  • Restoring happiness. Fairies love to play and are happy to bring things into your life that make you laugh – or at least make them laugh.


Ways to Attract & Keep Fairies Around

Create a Fairy Garden

Create a little space outside to invite fairies to hang around. Include a small house or a pretty door at the base of a tree, tiny objects – especially if they’re shiny! – and other items that they enjoy. If you live in an apartment, you can create a fairy garden in a large planter pot. Add some small plants to one side and then fill the rest of the space with rocks and crystals, garden moss, and shiny little trinkets or pieces of broken jewelry. You can also create one of these portable gardens for indoor use for year-round fairy magick.

Plant Trees, Herbs & Flowers They Love

Fairies love sweet things, so flowers and herbs that attract bees are likely to attract fairies as well. Honeysuckle, primrose, and a fig tree are lovely plants to have in your yard for fairy attraction. Inside, a small windowsill herb garden – especially if it includes thyme – can keep these little friends happy year-round. They also love orchids, so consider adding one to your indoor plant arrangements.

Fairies Love Treats

Fairies’ love of sweet things goes beyond plant life. One of the best ways to please the fairies is by setting out sweet treats for them to delight in. Elderberries are an easy offering, as they are small and already have magickal properties, making them appealing to fairy folk. You can also bake little cakes or sweet bread for them. Other ideas include setting out milk and honey, wine, fresh fruit, and any other kind of fresh berries you may have in your garden or fridge.

Get Creative!

If you’re not a baker – or would never call yourself a green witch because plants are a challenge – remember that fairies love anything beautiful. Sing to them or create a little piece of art for their enjoyment. Ring bells or play a singing bowl for them.

For those who have never worked with fairies, a gentle word of caution: They can be little tricksters and love shiny objects. If you call on them for help but don’t leave an offering for them in return, you may find a beloved piece of jewelry missing from your collection. As with any magick that involves spiritual and magickal beings, be specific in your intentions. And remember to laugh! Fairies are likely to make you scratch your head in wonder at their fun antics.

Fairies remind us to find joy in small things. Their antics may be frustrating at times – especially if pretty, shiny things go missing around your home – but it’s all in good fun. Approach fairy magick with the same reverence you pay all of your magickal practices, and you might find that you love working with fairies.

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