Kitchen Witch Secrets from the IGC Witches

Kitchen Witch Secrets from the IGC Witches

We love our kitchen witchery here at Inked Goddess Creations. If you’re new to the practice, it could seem like kitchen magick is reserved for cooking, but we put our heads together and thought about all the ways we infuse our kitchens with magick almost daily. Maybe you’ve been creating more magick in the kitchen than you thought!


Decorate with Protective Pieces

I have old iron cutlery hanging on the wall in my kitchen. I found the pieces at an antique store and knew I needed them. While they’re decorative in one sense, they’re also there for protection. Iron is connected with the earth and the skies (it’s found in meteorites that crash to earth) so it’s truly a representation of “as above, so below.” ~ Morgan 


Create Stovetop Brews

When I’m cooking, I love to create a stovetop brew for home protection. Just take all the loose skins from garlic, potatoes, or carrots, the ends of onions, and so forth and add them to a simmer pot on the stove while you’re cooking. You can also boil herbs in a pot for their magickal intent. Reserve the herb-infused water to strain into a spray bottle to spray on countertops or in the air. ~ Ashley


Trust Your Intuition

I season by “feel.” Though I use my sense of smell a lot, most of the seasoning I use is what comes to mind intuitively in the course of cooking. My boyfriend loves my food, so it must be working! Trust your instincts in the kitchen – you may intuitively understand what you need at the moment and not even realize it. ~ Angela


Use Crystals in Your Kitchen

Don’t forget to add crystals to your pantry or fridge for magickal intent! It’s easy to forget about the kitchen when you’re adding crystals to the rooms of your home. Just be sure to do your research on which stones you should avoid placing in the fridge. ~ Ashley


Collect Dishes from Your Ancestors

Open my cabinets, and you’ll see a wild assortment of items. Dishes from my years in Japan, plates from an old restaurant that shut down that my husband worked at, and handmade items we’ve picked up along the way. I even regularly use dishes from my childhood. These pieces transport me back to years gone by and help me feel connected to others on a larger scale. It’s a fun way to practice honoring my ancestors and personal journey without anyone being the wiser. ~ Megan


Stir in Some Magick

I swear by stirring clockwise to infuse energy into a dish or my coffee, and counterclockwise to release energy from something. ~ Morgan


Create Sigils with Ingredients

When oiling a pan, drizzle the oil in the shape of a word, sigil, or pentacle to enchant the pan with intentions. You can also scratch or carve sigils or words into fruit and veggies before chopping them up. It will add a little extra magick to them. ~ Ashley


Keep a Mortar and Pestle Handy

I always keep a mortar and pestle within reach. I don’t use it terribly often, but seeing it in a prominent place reminds me of the hard work and love that happens in the kitchen. ~ Angela


Hang Herbs for Magickal Intent

There’s nothing that smells better than a fresh clipping of rosemary hung up in my kitchen. I hang it over the kitchen window, next to the backdoor. I never eat this rosemary, but instead, hang it for protection and mental clarity. ~ Megan


How do you use magick in your kitchen?