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New Moon in Pisces- March 6, 2019

New Moon in Pisces- March 6, 2019

The New Moon in Pisces arrives on March 6th. Neptune, planet of spirituality, illusion, and psychic abilities, is also in Pisces, adding a fantasy-like effect to this new moon. Also making an appearance just the day before this new moon on March 5th is Mercury Retrograde. This means we all might be experiencing delays or confusion when it comes to communication. Luckily, water sign Pisces will heighten your intuition, guiding you to make the best decisions for your emotional well being. Now is the time to be honest with yourself about what it is our heart truly wants. 
New Moon in Pisces- March 6, 2019

Usually, new moon energy has to do with starting on a new project or path, but since Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac, it's more about putting the past behind you. Looking back and reviewing the lessons you've learned over the past couple of months shows you how much you've grown. Old memories could resurface now that simply need to be acknowledged. By doing so, you can clear some of your karma, recognizing any patterns that need not be repeated. Surrender and allow yourself to process any emotions or thoughts that are weighing you down!

Since Pisces tends to live in the spur of the moment, I'd suggest holding off on traveling or signing any contracts if you can, at least till the end of March when the full moon in Libra will be in effect. Immersing yourself in a hobby like painting, playing music, or dancing helps to release any excess energies. You could also benefit greatly by practicing yoga and meditation, and can receive answers to questions you have concerning your spirituality. When meditating, you should focus on the crown chakra to access your higher self. Yin Yoga is used to unite the body, mind, and soul through slower movements and deeper breaths. These kinds of tools can aid you in connecting to your consciousness. However you choose to celebrate this lunar event, let it be a way to release the past and enjoy this present moment! 

Wishing you an inspiring new moon in Pisces!
Be Well - Juliana M. Fanucchi

Author Bio:

Juliana uses astrology to understand how the planets can affect us on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Raised as a Nichiren Buddhist, she studies other metaphysical interests like numerology, music, tarot, and gemstones. She received her 200 hour yoga certification in December 2016. She currently lives in Tucson, Arizona. You can follow her on Instagram-

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