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Romancing the Stone: Call of the Dragon- Dragon's Blood Jasper

Romancing the Stone: Call of the Dragon- Dragon's Blood Jasper

Jasper is a quiet, unobtrusive and slow moving stone. It is also quite powerful, and its history of protection and energy can be traced back to all ancient peoples. Dragon's Blood Jasper is something special among the jasper family. The red drops within this earthly green stone are long believed to be from the blood of a dragon. As such, dragon's blood jasper can become quite the loyal friend as you spend time with it. Get to know your dragon's blood jaspRomancing the Stone: Call of the Dragon- Dragon's Blood Jasperer, and let the stone get to know you. Carry it with you as a protection talisman, or as a guide on your quest. Think on this dragon, who spilled its life force to be forever emblazoned within jasper, and what must have happened in order to find itself in your hands. Listen to the call of your dragon. 

Dragons bring out the bravest parts of us; The wisest parts of us; The wildest parts of us. A dragon is no house pet after all. A dragon is larger than life, a force to be reckoned with, a fierce ally and at times a formidable foe. Perhaps there is a part of yourself that you must face and overcome. Or perhaps you need a little guidance in the right direction. Whatever your reason for carrying dragon's blood jasper, I have no doubt your journey will be a blessed one!

What is your dragon's blood jasper calling you to do?  What is your dragon's blood calling you to seek? 

Author Bio: Romancing the Stone Series on the Inked Grimoire

JessNamaste works to bring love and light to those around her.  This series, “Romancing the Stone”, is her first time sharing her knowledge and experience with the metaphysical world. JessNamaste has always spoken the language of the earth, crystals and stones.  We hope her knowledge will bring you not only information, but inspiration as well!  If you want to get to know her more through her experiences, or send her a message directly, please visit JessNamaste.

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