• The Magick of Nature Walks

    The Magick of Nature Walks

    Walking through the woods or along a beautiful shoreline can help you develop a deeper appreciation of nature and all of its gifts. We witches are often called to align with the natural world, so it’s the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs and explore the magick around you. 
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  • Room-by-Room Guide To Cleansing Your Home

    Room-by-Room Guide to Cleansing Your Home

    Have you been looking for inspiration for cleansing your home that goes beyond a smoke cleanse? We’ve got you covered with different ways to cleanse the major rooms in your home, from the kitchen to the bedrooms. 
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  • Magickal Divine Masculine Symbols

    Magickal Divine Masculine Symbols

    When embraced in its fullness, the divine masculine allows us to exercise compassionate self-leadership, a supportive structure for our divine feminine creativity, and the wisdom to pause, think, and communicate well. 
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  • Magickal Supplies for the Intermediate Witch

    Magickal Supplies for the Intermediate Witch

    We sat down at IGC headquarters and talked about some of our favorite tools and came up with a list of magickal supplies we think intermediate and experienced witches should consider having in their supply cabinet.
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