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Our mid-June product launch is Saturday, June 22nd at 9 am PT!
Lost Lands of Myth and Legend

Lost Lands of Myth and Legend

You’ve likely heard the stories of lost lands – those lands that may have existed or may be the stuff of myth. Perhaps they were real, and possibly other cities and locals inspired their stories. Regardless, these lost lands carry their own magick. So, whether you’re seeking prosperity, healing, emotional transformation, or divine feminine energy, here are four lost lands that can help you.

Lost Lands of Myth and Legend


The first mention of Atlantis was in Plato’s allegorical works Timaeus and Critias, and he was vague about its location. Later works tell the tale of Atlantis as a utopian, prehistoric civilization of the sea. Many accounts speak to Atlantis’s achievements in magickal technology. The Atlantians continually sought knowledge, tinkering with new tools and experimenting with the natural world.

The magick of Atlantis lies in its close relationship with the water. When you are seeking emotional or intellectual advancement, seek the power of Atlantis. If you need to move forward or dig deep into yourself, the energy of this lost land can help you achieve your goals.


Lemuria is another of the lost lands that holds its own magickal properties. It’s said that a continent used to exist south of India: Lemuria, believed to be located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Oddly enough, this land is named after lemurs – the cute ring-tailed animal that now lives in Madagascar. Interestingly, the name lemur comes from the Latin word “lemures,” which means spirits of the night.

Lemurians were known for their healing and esoteric knowledge, so you can tap into these energies when you need them. If you’re learning something new in the spiritual realm, the magick of Lemuria may be perfect for you.

El Dorado

The golden city of El Dorado sent many conquistadors on journeys to find the “golden one,” a city of gold. Europeans believed this was a lost land where gold awaited anyone brave enough to seek it. In South America, though, the “golden one” was a person, not a location. He was a ruler who was so wealthy that he covered himself in gold each morning, head to toe, and then washed it off in a sacred lake before retiring for the evening.

Either way, the essence of El Dorado can be called upon for prosperity spells and when seeking a new adventure. Tap into this magick to help you find your own wealth, for the betterment of everyone involved.


Like Atlantis, Avalon was written about very early on. It appeared for the first time in 1136 and is where King Arthur’s sword, Excalibur, was made. Later, when Arthur was severely injured at the Battle of Camlann, he was taken to Avalon to heal. Avalon is ruled by Morgan, the sorceress sister of King Arthur, and it’s believed that he is eternal and simply in Morgan’s care. In some stories, Avalon is linked to the legend of the Holy Grail.

Unlike the other lost lands, historians have identified the modern island of Glastonbury Tor as the original location of Avalon. Other locations have been claimed as well, including in Italy. Avalon was a land of divine feminine energy, so tap into its essence and magick when you desire more connection to the divine feminine.

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