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Click Here to Bookmark our Litha Live Gemstone Sale, Now on YouTube- June 15, 2024

The Inked Grimoire

  • Daily Magick on the Busy, Gritty, Inked, and Witchy Podcast
    May 22, 2024 Morgan Moss

    Daily Magick

    In the whirlwind of our daily lives, finding a moment for magick can seem like a distant dream. But what if you could infuse your everyday with a touch of the mystical?
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  • Witchy Road Trip Sh*t
    May 1, 2024 Morgan Moss

    Witchy Road Trip Sh*t

    Ready for an enchanting escape? Dive into the latest podcast episode where Morgan shares exclusive witchy tips on how to add a bit of magick to your travels and road trips. 
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  • Fear-Mongering in the Wtichcraft Community
    April 10, 2024 Morgan Moss

    Fear-Mongering in the Witchcraft Community

    In the enchanting realm of witchcraft, where the mystical meets the mundane, there's a shadow that looms over the community: fear-mongering. It's a trend that's as old as time, but in the hands of modern-day witches, it takes on a new form, one that Morgan, an eclectic witch and Avalon priestess, confronts head-on in her latest podcast episode of 'Busy, Gritty, Inked and Witchy.' 
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  • The Magick of Leap Day
    February 26, 2024 Megan Winkler

    The Magick of Leap Day

    There’s magick in every day if you want to tap into it. There’s something special about Leap Day, though, and it has its own energy you can tap into for your intentions and practice. Let’s dive into this special “in-between” day!
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  • Money Magick Do's and Don’ts
    May 6, 2022 Megan Winkler

    Money Magick Do's and Don’ts

    It can be so tempting to tap into money magick; however, it’s one of those practices that should come with a warning label. You can accidentally trigger events that you don’t want to happen! Here are some handy suggestions for casting prosperity and money spells.
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  • Using One-Card Pulls for Quick Magick
    April 8, 2022 Megan Winkler

    Using One-Card Pulls for Quick Magick

    Who has time for a full tarot or oracle reading every day? I certainly don’t! That’s why I love one-card pulls. They’re an excellent way to gain insight into a situation, start a work call, or set the intention for the day.
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  • Making Magick with Mundane Household Items
    September 24, 2021 Megan Winkler

    Making Magick with Mundane Household Items

    Despite what social media may portray, your magickal practice does not have to be elaborate to be effective. Remember, YOU are the magick, and your intention is the strongest part of your practice. You don’t need any fancy tools either. Here are some Cottage Witch-inspired ideas to help you transform mundane household items into magickal ones! 
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  • Magickal Air Correspondences
    February 19, 2021 Megan Winkler

    Magickal Air Correspondences

    Air is constantly moving and changing. While Air can be still, it’s always all around us, and it shifts with the smallest movement. It’s a masculine element and radiates with Yang energy. This element affects communication – especially in relationships – knowledge, power, and can promote change.

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  • Busy Witch Hacks from the IGC Witches
    December 18, 2020 Megan Winkler

    Busy Witch Hacks from the IGC Witches

    If you’re a busy witch like we are here at Inked Goddess Creations, you like to practice magick quickly and effectively whenever possible. To help you do that, we put our heads together and came up with all the ways we use short cuts in our practice and bring more magick to our days.
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