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The Inked Grimoire

  • Exploring Seidr and Norse Magick
    October 22, 2021 Megan Winkler

    Exploring Seidr and Norse Magick

    Seidr is a form of Norse magick that involves divining someone’s future, interpreting what was divined, and then attempting to manipulate it. Pronounced “SAY-der,” the method was practiced by women and gods, and Freya is credited with bringing seidr to the gods.
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  • Lesser-Known Norse Myths
    October 8, 2021 Megan Winkler

    Lesser-Known Norse Myths

    Everyone knows that Thor carries a hammer, Odin is the king of the gods, and Loki is ever the trickster, but what about some of the lesser-known myths and deities of Norse legend? It turns out, there are some fun legends that get much less airtime in pop culture. Let’s explore some!
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  • Friday the 13th: Myths and Meaning
    August 13, 2021 Megan Winkler

    Friday the 13th: Myths and Meaning

    The fear associated with Friday the 13th comes from many Christian constructs hundreds of years ago as they were trying to abolish paganism. For witches, Friday the 13th can be a day of power, facing your fears, and embracing your sexuality, especially for women! 
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